Frequently Asked Questions

What is GET?

The objective of the Global Enterprise Technology Minor is to extend the education of undergraduate students, in all majors across the University of Delaware, in the use and deployment of computer systems used in global organizations. The GET curriculum focuses on five key areas:

  1. Enterprise systems knowledge and skills
  2. Large-scale software development and project management
  3. Data management and modeling
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Virtual teamwork, collaboration and communication

Students from ALL MAJORS can enroll in the GET minor to understand these systems through coursework and hands-on experience.  In the past, we have had students from communications and political science complete the program, as well as students from business, computer science, and engineering. It is a very flexible program!

Students enrolled in the GET minor choose one of two options to complete the minor — a paid eight-month internship (called the Immersion Experience) or a two-semester consulting project (the Consulting Project option). Students can complete either option while maintaining full-time student status and graduate on time.

Why Should I Consider Enrolling in the GET Program?

To give yourself an advantage in the job market. Although GET systems are in nearly all companies, the majority of today’s college graduates are not prepared to work effectively in the multifaceted and large-scale integrated work environments demanded by the global marketplace. GET systems often require understanding hardware and software concepts that are fundamentally different than smaller business applications. GET teaches students how to answer the following questions:

Students who graduate with a GET minor currently work at some of the world’s most successful global companies in the financial, health care, insurance and entertainment fields. Students in the GET internship program are paid competitive salaries.

Can I graduate in four years?

You should, but your actual graduation timeline will depend on how early you enroll in the GET minor, as well as the requirements of your current major. In most case, however, we can accommodate your needs so that you can graduate on time.
Students should also know that the GET program is designed to be flexible, because different students have different needs. Students can choose between the GET Immersion and consulting project options. With the GET Immersion Experience, students integrate coursework with an eight-month on-site internship at a partner company. The Consulting Project option couples an innovative curriculum with a yearlong consulting project.

What if I don’t major in business, computer science, or engineering? What if I major in English, or communications, or biology, or art, or political science, or….?

That’s okay! The GET program accepts students from EVERY college and EVERY major. The program is designed to introduce those who do not have existing experience in the field of information technology about large-scale computer systems across various industries, while still providing those students with technology backgrounds the opportunity to leverage their existing skills and develop new ones in a real-world context.

What courses are required for the GET minor?

The coursework depends on whether you choose the Immersion Experience or the Consulting Project option. More information is available for both programs.

How is the Immersion Experience different from the Consulting Project Option?

The Immersion Experience requires students to work full-time at a company during the spring semester. They may not take any other classes, and they will be expected to put in a full 40 hours per week at the site. Some job sites are local to UD. In fact, starting in the fall of 2011, students can even work on campus at UD in the JPMorgan Chase Innovation Center, located in Purnell Hall! Other locations are in Philadelphia, New York City and other cities. These internships are paid.

The consulting project option is a more traditional on-campus approach, and allows students to participate who cannot commit to a full-time internship to still complete the GET minor. These projects also involve a real company, but students work from fall through the spring. These projects are not paid, but still provide real experience by working with an actual client on an extended project.

How do I apply?

You can request the GET minor through UDSIS. Professor Mark Serva is the GET Curriculum Program Director, and he will review your application. Students must have at least a 2.8 GPA. You should also contact your academic advisor to review your courses and the GET program's possible effect on your graduation date.

For more information contact Mark Serva,, 302-831-1795.

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The GET curriculum focuses on 5 key areas:

  1. Enterprise systems knowledge and skills
  2. Large-scale software development and project management
  3. Data management and modeling
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Virtual teamwork, collaboration, and communication


Specialized minor open to all majors at UD Students interested in working with large scale systems.