Staff Directory
General & Investment Accounting

Type of Inquiry Name Title Phone E-Mail
  Amy N. Connell, CPA Controller (302) 831-2175
Stephanie L. Steenkamer Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-2349
Cash Management, Bank Reconcilliations, Petty Cash and UDeposit Melissa W. Sarver (Missy) Manager (302) 831-1026
VACANT Cash Management Coordinator     
Torey L. Turner Cash Management Coordinator  (302) 831-6989
UD Financials, Close Coordination, Journal Vouchers, Customer Service  Mary Jennifer Hall (Jenn)  Financial Coordinator (302) 831-2175
(302) 831-2176
Endowment and Temp Investment Income, Professional Development Accounts 

Isaac Wolkowicz

Manager (302) 831-2121
Cynthia Lee Johnson (Cindy)  Endowment Fund Coordinator (302) 831-1189
Financial Statements and Reporting, Audits, Debt Service, State Appropriations, Asset Capitalization and Depreciation Lisa Marra Kelly, CPA  Manager (302) 831-1593
Ying He (Jackie) Financial Analyst II (302) 831-0251
Z. Meena Ilyas, CPA Financial Analyst II (302) 831-0121
Lowan Schaffe  Senior Accountant  (302) 831-6351
Kimberly Strohmeier Senior Accountant  (302) 831-1420
Deneka Bond Accountant (302) 831-7262