University of Delaware

“Gender-based crimes -- sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence and stalking -- are serious, and they're taken seriously at UD.” – President Patrick T. Harker

A community informed

At the University of Delaware, we strive to create and maintain a campus community where respect and personal safety are valued by everyone and where community members work individually and together to ensure a safe environment. We work toward that vision through a number of campus efforts:

  • Prevention and awareness-raising programs for students and faculty/staff;
  • Educating and preparing students and faculty/staff about how to intervene, not only when they see gender-based violence occurring, but also when they hear comments that are accepting of gender-based violence and contribute to a hostile environment for others;
  • Providing victim-centered services that support victims and meet their needs;
  • Enforcing campus policies and state and local laws to hold perpetrators accountable for gender-based violence while minimizing the chance of re-victimization for survivors;
  • Sending out timely alerts to inform the campus and community about known crimes.

President Patrick Harker has stated a strong commitment that the University will not tolerate gender-based violence. Read the President's full letter to the University community.

Learn more about each of these efforts:

Prevention and Education

  • All incoming students learn about sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, alcohol, consent, and bystander intervention through two programs: Alcohol.Edu and Haven. Incoming students must complete each program with an 80% or better prior to coming to campus in order to be able to register for the next semester's classes.
  • Those students who attend a First Year Seminar through the FYE program learn more about gender-based violence, campus policies & resources, and how to intervene in a bothersome or dangerous situation, through two classes taught by their Peer Mentor in their FYS class.
  • Gender-based violence prevention and awareness-raising programs, speakers, marches, vigils, and other events are offered year-round by the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Committee.
  • In 2011, the University of Delaware and Delaware State University were, as a consortium, awarded a $500,000 Violence Against Women Act Campus Grant to Reduce Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking. The grant funded the employment of Prevention Specialists on both campuses, a part-time Dating Violence Counselor at Student Wellness & Health Promotion at UD, two statewide conferences, two law enforcement trainings, and other initiatives.
  • In 2014, after the success of our 2011 VAWA grant project, we applied for continuation funds and our consortium was awarded three more years of funding with a $580,000 Violence Against Women Act Campus Grant to Reduce Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking. We are currently in a No-Cost extension for the 2011 grant, which will conclude on June 30, 2015. Thus, the new funding will begin July 1, 2015. Contact Student Wellness and Health Promotion for more information about these awards.

Policies and Enforcement

Reporting to UD and local police is an option so that state and local laws can be enforced. We also have policies at UD to protect all in our community from experiencing gender-based violence. When incidents occur, we have processes in place to enforce these policies and hold perpetrators accountable. Read more about Reporting Options.

Resources for Victims

Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking can be traumatic and can impact every part of a survivor’s life, becoming a barrier to personal well-being and academic/employment success. The University seeks to mitigate the impact of gender-based violence by offering services on-campus and referral to off-campus resources to address victims’ needs. At UD we provide 24 hour crisis assistance and victim advocacy, counseling, academic and employment assistance, and more. Printer-friendly comprehensive list of Victim Resources.