The rates for 15-16 have been released.

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  • Charges and financial aid will be available on My Finances.
  • Financial aid awards will also be accessible on UDSIS and My Finances.

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Federal Work Study (CWSP & DSEP)

Welcome to the University of Delaware's Work Study program. The Federal Work Study Program and the Delaware Student Employment Program attempt to provide part-time employment opportunities on and around campus to students who demonstrate financial need. In order for us to determine your need, you must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students are typically notified of their Work Study award through the UDSIS system around the beginning of July each academic year. There you can accept or decline your award. If you have not been awarded Work Study after that time and are interested in determining your eligibility, you can request a review through askSFS. Please note: If you have been selected for verification, that process must be completed before you can begin working. See your To Do list on UDSIS or My Finances for documents you need to submit.

Eligible students will receive an emailed invitation directing them to view online work study job postings mid August (students who have already secured a position must contact the department directly). From this site you will be able to select up to 3 positions of interest and inquire about interviewing for those positions. Your request will go directly to the department and they will contact you regarding an interview. If, after 7 days, you are not selected for any of the positions about which you’ve inquired, you may return to the web site and start the process over again.

After being hired, the department will initiate a criminal background check. Once this process is complete, the department will advise students how to log in and complete the onboarding process. An I-9 form, student driver’s license and either an original social security card or birth certificate will be required to complete the new hire process. These documents must be presented to the hiring department. In addition, bank information, including account and routing numbers for direct deposit, will also be required. You will be able to scan this information into the onboarding system. Students cannot start employment until the hiring department submits all new hire paperwork and documentation to the Payroll Office for processing.

Work Study begins the first day of classes and continues through the last day of exams during each Fall and Spring semester. Winter and Summer employment is available on a limited basis; you can request a review to check your eligibility through askSFS. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be notified by email of your eligibility. Students who plan to start employment before the first day of classes, or continue working after the last day of exams, should discuss this with their department.

The minimum wage you will earn per hour is $7.25. However, actual wage rates will vary and are determined by the department with which you are employed. It is recommended that you do not work over 20 hours per week. At no time should a student work more than 8 hours per day or during scheduled class sessions.

For more information, please visit askSFS and enter a question or select work study as a category.