Winter registration now open. Charges will appear on My Finances and will be due by 1/5/2015. Additional information on winter session charges and financial aid can be found here.

All outstanding balances should be paid before registering for future terms.


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Financial Clearance

Each semester, we expect students to pay their balance by the semester due date. We understand that many students will be utilizing various financial resources, such as financial aid, employee tuition benefits, payments from both parents, etc. to do this.

Our online billing system, My Finances can be used by students and anyone they grant accesss to My Finances via the Parent/Guardian Services administration website. From the Overview page follow the Next Steps to become financially clear if you have a balance.

Step 1 - Review Pending Financial Aid

This allows students who have financial aid awards to review financial aid offers for the semester. "Pending financial aid" is placed on an account in advance and will reduce the balance that is required at that time. Actual disbursement of financial aid funds are done within 2-weeks after classes begin each semester. There are requirements for disbursement of financial aid funds that must be completed before the awards will actually credit the account. If these requirements are not completed with 45 days of the funds being offered, they will no longer reflect as "pending financial aid" and reduce the balance. Students are still eligible for the offered financial aid but must complete all Disbursement Requirements, typically displayed as open items from the To Do list.

Step 2 - Adjust Balance - Report Additional Credits

This step is very important and allows the bill payor to report to us other credits such as outside scholarships, employee tuition benefit, loans, veterans benefits, etc. that are not yet on the account but that have been secured to pay the balance. A type of award is updated and the amount indicated will reduce the balance to be paid at the time. These additional resources are expected to be available on the account by the start of classes or the student will be included in the installment payment plan. This information will have to be updated each time a payment is made. If the entire balance is being covered by the reported credits, the account is still considered financially clear for that payment due date.

Common Examples of Report Additional Credits:

  • Parent PLUS Loan:  If the Parent Plus loan was just applied for you may report this semester amount to adjust the balance until packaged.

  • Third Party Sponsor:  An organization which funds all or part of a student's education and wishes to be billed directly is considered a Third Party Sponsor. The Sponsor will provide the student with a sponsorship voucher or letter of credit authorizing the University to invoice them for any applicable tuition/fees. Click here for additional information.

  • International-Deferred Until on Campus:  Are you an international student who is requesting that we defer payment until you are on campus or until a wired payment is processed? If so, please review these instructions and follow the steps to financially clear your account and avoid late fees being applied.

  • Nursing Deferred Employee Benefit:  Are you a nurse who is enrolled in the UD RN to BSN, RN to MSN, or MSN program and your employer offers tuition benefits that will allow you to be reimbursed after grades are submitted? The University of Delaware will grant authorization to defer payment until 30 days after grades are received to allow time for reimbursement. Please review these instructions.

Step 3 - Account Summary / Choose Payment Option

This step provides an overview of the balance less any pending financial aid and additional credits reported in Step 2. You can then choose your payment option:

  • Make a full payment (adjusted balance)
  • Make an Installment Payment (enrollment in the Installment Plan is at a $50 fee for the semester and allow payment to be distributed throughout the semester)

An additional amount can be included to the payment to be added to the Student's Flex Account.

The Total Payment can be increased if you would like to add an additional amount because of charges that you are expecting but are not yet on the account. This is often done for bookstore charges, parking permits, etc. You cannot decrease this Total Payment. To reduce the balance you must submit your adjustments through Report Additional Adjustment (step 2).

Lastly, from this step you choose how your payment will be made. You can indicate that you are mailing a check for that balance or proceed to our convenient online payment option. This online option allows for a payment via online check or credit card.

Step 4 - The final step will either provide you with a remittance slip for mailed payments, will prompt you to enter your banking information to do a direct debit from a checking or savings account or will prompt you for your credit card information.