Collection Process

The Collection Services Unit within the Billing and Collection Department is responsible for the collections of outstanding receivables and the Federal Perkins and Nursing Loans. The collection processes are for students who are no longer enrolled at the University, due to graduation, separation and/or withdrawal. No transcripts or other information relating to any student records at the University shall be released or delivered to the student or on behalf of the student until all debts to the University and all of it affiliates have been paid.

Delinquent Accounts

An individual will be in default if the Amount Due, as listed on the statement, is not paid in full by the specified due date. In addition to the assessment of late payment charges, a student in default will not:

  • Be allowed to register for future semesters.
  • Receive a transcript of academic records.
  • Receive a diploma at graduation.

Students who are not able to immediately pay their balances in full may propose reasonable repayment plans. To do this, complete the PaymentArrangement.pdf and return it using the instructions provided on the form. SFS will then follow up to discuss and/or finalize the promissory note.

Collection Process

The internal collection process includes several attempts of written correspondence, telephone calls and e-mails. If an individual fails to responds to the internal collections process they may also be subject to cancellation of any registered classes.

If the student has withdrawn or graduates, and the internal collection processes does not produce satisfaction of the debt or a satisfactory payment arrangement, this may result in the account being reported to an outside collection agency which report to credit bureaus montly. This may negatively impact the individual's ability to obtain future credit. Collection Services is available to discuss payment arrangements to assist students. Please contact us at (302) 831-2126 or at

If at any point in time Collection Services determines that internal collection efforts have been unsuccessful, Collection Services will refer the student's account to an outside collection agency. Collection Services will notify the students at their permanent address before any referral to an outside collection agency. Below are the current third-party collection agencies that a delinquent borrower may be referred to.

If the student's account balance is paid in full at any point in the process, Collection Services will update the student's account status, in our system or with the collection agency, and release the hold on his/her academic and financial records. The student will be able to register for courses and use university academic and administrative services.

Graduating student with Balance Due

Collection Services will notify, in writing, any graduating student with an account balance. The letter will clearly address the outstanding balance and consequences of nonpayment. It will be mailed in addition to the student's monthly invoice. Please note that any graduating student who does not clear his/her account balance prior to commencement will not receive a diploma. In addition, the student will be prohibited from the release of official academic transcripts.

Returned Checks

If a check or e-check payment is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds or a closed account, the returned check, along with a $25 returned check fee, will be charged to the issuer’s student account (or to the account of the student on whose behalf the original check payment was presented). The issuer will receive notification regarding the returned check. The correspondence will include instructions to pay the returned check and service fee within 15 business days. Payment may be made by cash, bank wire, certified check or money order. Cash payments should be made at the Cashiers Department (Student Services Building, 30 Lovett Avenue). The $25.00 returned check fee is assessed for each returned check, regardless of the amount of each returned check. If an account indicates a history of returned checks, the University may suspend a student’s check writing privileges. As a reminder, University of Delaware does not accept post dated checks.

DE Division of Revenue

Please note, that outstanding balances may also be referred to the Delaware Division of Revenue. Refunds are subject to interception for the purpose of collecting outstanding liabilities.

Collection Agency Contact Information

200 East Joppa Road
Suite 310
Towsom, MD 21204
(877) 276-8600


422 Bedford Ave
Bellmorel, NY 11710
(800) 486-2929


Eastern Revenue, Inc.
1151 South Trooper Road
Suite A
Audubon, PA 19403
(866) 337-8875

Financial Recoveries
200 East Park Drive
Suite 100
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
(800) 334-8814


NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
Attn: Colleen Lyons
150 Crosspoint Parkway
Crosspoint Business Park
Getzville, NY 14068
(800) 227-4000 x2000


Williams & Fudge
775 Addison Avenue
P.O. Box 11590
Rockhill, SC 29731
(800) 849-9791

Windham Professionals
380 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079
(866) 379-2626