UD Engage

The University of Delaware extends its reach into communities near and far. Through volunteerism, curricular and co-curricular service-learning, and community based research, students, faculty, and community partners are transformed. In this multi-level approach to service, everyone gains:

  • Students apply their knowledge in important, life changing ways;
  • Faculty extend the focus of their research and teaching to address a societal problem; and
  • Communities gain an important partner in their quest to provide service and make needed changes.

We can reach across the economic, social, geographic, and ethnic spaces that divide us and use our unique qualities to create a caring world, one project at a time.


Special Olympics Basketball Clinic at UD

Volunteers provide enthusiastic, but limited service, with no academic content. They might participate in a local clean-up effort, help plan and execute a one-time event, or spend an hour a week reading in a local school. Volunteers make programs possible!


Student with child in Haiti

Curricular community engagement combines academic study with service to a community through service-learning and internships.


Richardson Park Elementary School Service Project

Community-Based Research is a new form of scholarship that combines research, teaching and community work. Societal issues are addressed in the course of scholarly work through collaborations with community partners, students and faculty.