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Master's in Business Administration (MBA-CAP)

Conditional Admissions Program


International students can apply for the Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Delaware. In the MBA program, students can pursue a concentration or they can specialize in a specific area of interest. The UD-MBA offers a diverse curriculum that is taught by faculty who are experts in their fields. For more information about the UD-MBA, visit their website at www.mba.udel.edu

The MBA Conditional Admissions Program (MBA-CAP) is a program for international students who would like to obtain their MBA from the University of Delaware. In the MBA-CAP, qualified students can be accepted into the UD-MBA without a TOEFL score! Instead of a TOEFL exam, the conditionally-accepted student must enroll at the English Language Institute (ELI) and complete the Pre-MBA program at Level VI.

A specific list of English requirements for MBA-CAP students can be found below.

By enrolling in the ELI before beginning their graduate-level coursework, MBA-CAP students are able to improve their English skills and to develop important communication skills that are necessary for success in the UD-MBA program.  Apply today!

Benefits of the MBA-CAP

Students enrolled in MBA-CAP can take advantage of several important benefits!

  1. No TOEFL requirement. Instead of taking a TOEFL, the student will be required to pass the ELI's Pre-MBA program at Level VI (Advanced). Click here to learn more about the specific English requirements for MBA-CAP.

  2. Postponed GMAT Exam. All applicants to the UD-MBA program must submit adequate GMAT scores before they can begin their MBA coursework. However, applicants who are otherwise academically qualified can receive their conditional admission before taking the GMAT exam! The GMAT can be very difficult for native English speakers, and it can be even more challenging for students with limited English skills. In the MBA-CAP program, students are permitted to begin their ELI coursework to improve their English skills BEFORE taking the GMAT. In addition, a GMAT preparation course is available to these students in the Pre-MBA program, enabling the students to improve their English skills and to learn the techniques that are necessary to obtain an excellent score on the exam!

  3. Practical courses for MBA preparation. The Pre-MBA program for MBA-CAP students includes courses that teach academic reading, writing, and grammar for graduate students as well as skills that are specific to the MBA, such as presentation and negotiation skills, business vocabulary and correspondence, business plan writing, and case study analysis. In addition, the Pre-MBA program provides an overview of basic concepts in management, marketing, finance, and economics.

  4. Period of adjustment before beginning MBA coursework. Since MBA-CAP students begin their studies on the University of Delaware campus at ELI, they are given the time they need to become familiar with resources available at an American university and to become accustomed to campus life. Challenges such as homesickness and culture shock can be dealt with before the students actually begin their MBA coursework, where such distractions can be harmful—especially if the student has difficulty communicating in English! By beginning their university experience at the ELI, the MBA-CAP students are in a comfortable, supportive environment, surrounded by faculty and staff who have vast experience and success in helping students fulfill their academic and professional goals.

Requirements for enrollment in MBA-CAP

To be accepted into the MBA-CAP program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must be academically and professionally qualified to be accepted into the UD-MBA program (for UD-MBA admissions requirements, click here ); AND
  2. The student must submit an acceptable GMAT exam score. Important: Academically qualified applicants can be conditionally admitted to MBA-CAP without submitting an adequate TOEFL score with the application; however, a sufficient GMAT score must be submitted before the students can begin their MBA studies.

Details about the documents required for MBA-CAP can be found by clicking here .

Period of enrollment in ESL courses

We are often asked how long it takes for students to complete their English requirements before they can begin their regular university courses.

The length of time required for enrollment in the ELI prior to beginning regular university coursework is different for each student. It depends entirely on the student's English skills when he or she arrives (i.e., more advanced students will require less time in the ELI) and on the student's willingness to work hard to improve his or her English skills.

The ELI has six levels of English courses, where Level I is for beginners and Level VI is for the most advanced students. The following scale shows the estimated periods of time that students will require in the ELI, depending on their initial placement:

Please note: English placement exams cannot be done online. The student must take the placement exam after arriving in Delaware in order for the ELI to determine his/her level.

English objectives required to begin university courses

CAP-MBA students must pass the four modules of the Pre-MBA program. The minimum grade required is a “B+” in each of the skill areas (i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Grammar). The grades in reading, writing, and grammar must be earned in Reading/Writing for Graduate Programs (GRAD VI). An average grade of “B+” for all of the five skill areas is not acceptable. The student is also required to earn a grade of at least 6.5 on the final essay.

In addition, Graduate CAP students must satisfy any other objective required by their graduate program as part of their conditional admission. These objectives typically include exam scores for the GRE or GMAT exams, among others.

How to apply

The general requirements for admission to MBA-CAP can be found by clicking here  (remember, TOEFL exam scores are not required for admission in the Conditional Admissions Program).

Instructions to apply for MBA-CAP can be found by clicking here .