Emergency Evacuation Postings

Information Sheet

In an emergency it is critical for facility occupants to be able to exit in an expeditious and efficient manner to a place of safety. All University buildings have new students, general public or others who are not familiar with the best route for exiting. To that end the University has a desire to have emergency evacuation postings in all facilities. A two fold program has been developed. The first phase of the program requires Facilities Planning & Construction to draft and post plans in all new facilities and those which are renovated. The second phase of the program attempts to have these postings drafted and posted as an ongoing effort as time permits. The following information will help you with what needs to be done to accomplish this goal.

A. Description of the Posting

B. Floor Plans

  • You will need a basic floor plan of the facility to start with. In most cases this plan is available on CAD or hard copy through Facilities Planning & Construction, Design Manager.
  • After the floor plan is modified similar to the sample provided, the floor plan must be submitted to the University Fire Protection Engineer at the Department of Environmental Health & Safety for review. The approved draft plan will be returned to you for submission to the Design Manager so changes can be made on CAD.
  • The plan can then be submitted to Facilities Lock and Hardware Services for placement on material consistent with the University sign standards or the plan can be laminated to be tamper resistant by others.
  • A copy of the finished document must be submitted to the University Fire Protection Engineer, Department of Environmental Health & Safety, for record keeping purposes.

C. Posting

  • During the review conducted by the University Fire Protection Engineer, the posting locations will be designated.
  • The actual posting will be accomplished by the Lock and Hardware Services.

Questions regarding emergency evacuation postings may be addressed to Kevin McSweeney or call 831-6847.