What's New!

May 2014: The May 2014 DDATAGram is about the significant impact of alcohol on traffic in Delaware. While only 5% of crashes were alcohol-related in 2013, 43% of traffic fatalities were in alocohol-related.

April 2014: A discussion of the link between prevention efforts in Delaware and the reduction in reported attempted suicides for middle school youth. Details in this month's new DDATAGRAM.

State Epidemiological Report for 2014 is posted.

April 2014: Based on recommendations from DDATA members, there are now Fact Sheets available for download!  These Fact Sheets discuss issues around underage drinking in Delaware and can be used to hand out at community and agency events. There are often multiple versions of the same Fact Sheet with different image options.  Once you download the word file, please use the second page of the Fact Sheet to add information about your agency or coalition before you print and distribute them in your community.  The Fact Sheets should be printed double-sided and come three to a single sheet of paper. The Fact Sheets are available below:


  1. March 2014: Examining the trends in binge drinking at the Univeristy of Delaware and the impact of prevention grants to reduce the rate of binge drinking on campus. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  2. February 2014: Using data from the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, findings focus on how Delaware adult alcohol use parellels the U.S. rates. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  3. January 2014: According to the 2010 Vital Statistics, Delaware ranks 9th in the nation in drug poisoning deaths. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  4. December 2013: According to the 2011 data from NIAAA, Delaware consistently ranks high compared to other states in alcohol consumption. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  5. November 2013: Using data from the College Risk Behavior Survey (CRBS), findings focus on the percentage of students who drive after drinking alcohol. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  6. October 2013: An overview of how the primary drug reported during treatment admissions has changed over time. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  7. September 2013: A look at the number of alcohol-related emergency room visits in Delaware in 2012. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  8. September 2013: A report in support of the DPBHS RFP concerning preventing youth violence and youth suicide.
  9. June 2013: A look at high school and college students rates of binge drinking and their perceived risk and harm associated with binge drinking. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  10. May 2013: A comparison of adolescent marijuana use in Delware and nationally from 2003-2012. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  11. April 2013: Delaware sees increase in alcohol-related crashes and fatalities in 2012. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  12. March 2013: Report on youth substance use in Sussex County.
  13. Updated report on youth tobacco use in Delaware.
  14. Updated report on student tobacco use in Delaware.
  15. March 2013: Delaware is the 8th highest state for past year prescription painkillers abuse in 2010-2011. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  16. February 2013: There is an Increase in Delaware alcohol-related traffic injuries and fatalities. Details in this month's new DDATAgram.
  17. January 2013: A new DDATAgram has been added on the topic of Drug Sales in Delaware High Schools.
  18. December 2012: A new presentation has been added on Drug Overdose Mortality in Delaware Presentation.
  19. December 2012: New NSDUH Findings.
  20. December 2012: There's a new DDATAgram on Drug Overdose Deaths.
  21. State and substate epidemiological reports for 2012 are posted. Find them and other data on consumption in Delaware here.
  22. Updated report on student tobacco use in Delaware.
  23. Presentation on risk factors among self-reported learning and physically disabled students.
  24. Updated report on costs of underage drinking in Delaware.
  25. Updated report on Delaware profile of drug and alcohol indicators from ONDCP--includes facts like in 2007, more people died in Delaware as a consequence of drug use (102) than died from firearms (79).
  26. New datagram, on "Bath Salts" and K2, posted! Find it here.
  27. New Workbooks on Needs Assessment and Capacity Building for use by SPF-SIG grantees and others!