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A tagline is an expressive line used to dramatize a brand’s benefits. The University of Delaware tagline is rooted in words and ideas that this University “owns” in a way no other institution can.

Click here to listen to the UD fight song.

    From the UD Fight Song
  • (Composed by George F. Kelly, Class of 1915)
    And then we'll fight, fight, fight for Delaware
    Fight for the Blue and Gold,
    And when we hit that line, our team is there
    With a daring spirit bold
    And when we strike with might, let foes beware
    Our glorious name we'll uphold,
    And then we'll fight, fight, fight for Delaware
    Fight for the Blue and Gold.
    Delaware will shine tonight, Delaware will shine.
    When the sun goes down and the moon comes up,
    Delaware will shine.
    From Our State’s History and Heritage
  • Delaware has a special connection to the birth of this nation. Three signers of the Declaration of Independence—Thomas McKean, George Read and James Smith—were among the Rev. Francis Alison’s first class at the academy that would later become the University of Delaware. George Read would go on to sign yet another founding document, the U.S. Constitution.

    On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first of the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution, the document that continues to secure this nation’s justice, strength and liberty. With this unanimous ratification in Dover, Delaware became the “First State” of the new Federal Union.

    The University of Delaware, as the flagship university in the first state of the union, has a special claim to the word "first."

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