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Introducing your 2011-2012
University of Delaware
Dance Team

Alexandra Fabiilli- Sophomore from NY
Alyssa Scerbak- Freshman from NJ
Brianne Keller- Freshman from NJ
Elizabeth Askins- Junior from MD
Hilary Davis- Sophomore from PA
Ilona Szeless- Freshman from MD
Jess Levy- Freshman from PA
Julianne Peterson- Senior from NJ
Kara Manfre- Junior from NJ
Katrina Davis- Freshman from MD
Kimi Yamada- Freshman from NY
Lauren Zai- Sophomore from NY
Lauryn Cooke- Freshman from DE
Margot Rubin - Junior from NJ
Marissa Lewis- Junior from NJ
Megan Jones- Freshman from NJ
Michelle Golini- Senior from NY
Samara Lobosco- Freshman from NJ

University of Delaware Dance Team
Newark, DE 19716

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