Innovations in polling - National Agenda Public Opinion Poll

In 2010 through 2014, the University of Delaware National Agenda Public Opinion Poll - the first of its kind in Delaware - breaks new ground by following a panel of voters/families though an entire campaign cycle to observe and report how they consume and react to political communications and messaging. Focus group techniques make this an unprecedented, cutting-edge research initiative. The National Agenda Public Opinion Polling Initiative is supported by a grant from the William P. Frank Foundation of Delaware.

Speaker series

National Agenda
Modeled on UD's Global Agenda series, National Agenda's Fall semester class and speakers focus on thematic issues in domestic affairs. National Agenda is supported by a grant from the William P. Frank Foundation and other supporters of the Center for Political Communication.

Research & scholarship

Funding research proposals from cross-disciplinary faculty-faculty and faculty-student teams investigating political communication issues, and sponsoring research colloquia focused on how new technologies build student participation. Research initiatives underway are supported by a variety of supporters of the Center for Political Communication.

Political Communication Minor

Focusing undergraduate students' attention on the symbiosis between politics and communication, with special emphasis on digital technology's growing role in campaigns and public policy debates.



Digital Political Communication Research Archive

The University of Delaware’s Digital Political Communication Research Archive envisions capturing, annotating, cataloging, transcribing, and making searchable and publicly accessible the newest forms of communication used in political discourse, including internet-based artifacts such as web videos, photos and social networking posts.

Global Dimensions Symposia

Gatherings at the University of Delaware of international practitioners, scholars and observers of political communication explore the effects of new technologies on political campaigns and public policy discourse worldwide.

Next-gen political leadership

Development of the next generation of political leadership, informed by experience of the past, technologies of the future and vital issues focus. Programs include faculty-student mentorships and research collaborations, as well as internships in campaign management and messaging. Promotion of the new interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Political Communication.

Certificate Program & Civic Training

Digital tech in politics and your business
For nonprofits and career professionals in business and politics in the U.S. and democracies abroad, inviting a select class of students for short, intensive programs experiencing and analyzing new technologies used in campaigns and elections in the United States.

Practitioner fellowships

Political communicators, diplomats, elected officials and their staffs assuming residence on the University of Delaware campus for periods ranging from one week to one year for teaching, research, writing and interaction with students.

Virtual Candidate Project ©

Combining digital technologies with political science and communication principles, faculty and students compete to design model candidates for public office, keeping issues, public opinion and electability in the mix.

Visual messaging in politics

Funding new programs and faculty leadership to study the use of visual communication in political contexts, and investment in technology to facilitate these studies.

Digital Messaging Exposition

A biennial digital political messaging exposition, featuring historical and contemporary demonstrations of the creative use of technology in political communication. This unique display brings to life techniques used in public affairs and political campaigns for visitors to the University of Delaware.

International political communication

Expansion of domestically-focused technologies, strategies and tactics to international public affairs issues and global governance contexts.

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