Global Agenda is the University of Delaware's annual Spring semester international affairs speaker series, free and open to the public, and an undergraduate course in which students meet practitioners in foreign policy and media from the United States and other nations. Students in the course meet privately with all guest speakers prior to the evening presentation. Global Agenda is presented by the Center for Global and Area Studies, with support from the Center for Political Communication.

In 2013, Global Agenda's theme was "America's Role in the World." The world places many demands on United States leadership:  From fighting terrorism and negotiating peace in the Middle East, to defending human rights, intellectual property and freedom of navigation, preventing nuclear proliferation, and maintaining economic stability worldwide. Some nations crave the U.S. role; others resent it. Global Agenda 2013 explores a variety of ways U.S. influence is felt and expected around the world.

Global Agenda 2014 is taught and moderated by Prof. Julio Carrion.

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