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Special gifts have helped provide scholarships for talented undergraduate students, fellowships for deserving graduate students and vital support for the research and teaching endeavors of our outstanding faculty. Bequests and numerous other planned gifts have also helped to build new buildings and to enhance and preserve our existing facilities on campus.

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UD blogs are a window into the world of our faculty, staff, and students. Find out what it's like to work in one of the very coolest places on the planet--Antarctica. Catch up on the latest plant-growing tips from Cooperative Extension. Find out what our students are doing and where they are going on UD study abroad and how they are making a difference in the lives of those they meet.

Institute for Global Studies Blog

Follow students as they become informed, skilled, and open-minded citizens while traveling the world! Here, students share their impressions, observances, and knowledge gained while engaging in cultures around the world.

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Cambodia/Vietnam Winter 2013

Tag along virtually as Professor Jon Cox (Photography) leads a group of students on a 27-day guided program where they'll experience South East Asian culture through an examination of ancient and contemporary art.

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Study Abroad in Tanzania 2012

Join Professor Jon Cox (Photography) and Professor Jake Bowman (Wildlife Ecology) as they guide students on a 26-day, photography-centric guided safari in Tanzania during January, 2012.

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brazilian plant
Landscape Exploration in Brazil 2012

Follow as Susan Barton, Associate Professor of Plant & Soil Science, and Jules Bruck, Assistant Professor of Plant & Soil Science, lead a group of students on a landscape exploration of Brazil during January of 2012.

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Study Abroad in Dominica 2012

Follow UD students as they study Geography and Food and Resource Economics in Dominica, an island in the Lesser Antilles.



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South Africa
South Africa - Nursing 2012

Following along as students in the Nursing program in the College of Health Sciences travel around South Africa to learn about health care.

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Study Abroad in Panama 2012

Join Professor Jorge Cubillos and the students on the Panama 12W program as they embark on a full language-immersion experience through class work and interaction with the local community. Share in their experiences as they participate in service-learning opportunities at orphanages and schools in Panama City.

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Leadership in Vietnam 2012

Take a look at LEAD students as they work hand-in-hand with peer students on service learning projects in Hanoi, Vietnam. In Luang Prabang, Laos, explore how these students study the impact of a community country and its impact on civic engagement.

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UD Admissions Blogs

Wonder what it is like to be a student at the University of Delaware? Check out the UD Admissions bloggers web page and meet some of our favorite students!


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Antarctic Landscape and Penguins
Ocean Information Center (OCEANIC) Blog

Lean about the science conducted by a team of researchers based in the West Antarctic Peninsula and studying penguin rookeries using underwater robots and satellites to understand where and how the birds feed. The team is comprised of UD's Matthew Oliver, assistant professor of oceanography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, and researchers from Rutgers University, Polar Oceans Research Group, and California Polytechnic Stat University in San Luis Obispo.


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Icy Seas - Oceanography

A blog by Andreas Muenchow, an Associate Professor in the School of Marine Science & Policy, about being a sea-going physical oceanographer whose puzzles range from the physics of river discharges in Argentina, Siberia, and Delaware to ice-ocean interactions and glaciers off northern Greenland and Canada.


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New Zealand Landscape
Animal Sciences in New Zealand 2011

Follow an enterprising group of University of Delaware students led by Tanya Gressley and Susan Garey as they study agriculture and animal science in New Zealand.


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Elephants trundle across the Tanzanian landscape
Study Abroad in Tanzania 2011

Join University of Delaware photo teacher Jon Cox and his students on a 26-day, photography-centric guided safari in Tanzania during January, 2011.


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Rio de Janeiro beach in Brazil
Australia Outback 2010

We will be studying wildlife conservation, nature/wildlife photography and learning firsthand how the local people of Australia are conserving their natural resources. Since we will be in the Outback for much of the program our blog posts will only occur when we have internet access.


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Ice Cube Lab
Antarctica 2010

The University of Delaware is helping to build a huge neutrino telescope called "IceCube" in a cubic kilometer of ice at the South Pole. The telescope will detect elusive particles called neutrinos that can travel millions of miles through space passing right through planets. IceCube will provide new information about some of the most distant and violent events in the cosmos. "Chill out" with our UD team as they build the telescope's surface array of detectors called "IceTop."

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South Pole Station during a display of Aurora Australis
Antarctica 2009

Progress continues on "Ice Top" and "Ice Cube" in 2009 as Physicists, engineers and technicians from the University of Delaware's Bartol Research Institute continue to work as part of an international team working to build the world's largest neutrino telescope in the Antarctic ice.

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UD scientists at South Pole
Antarctica 2008

Physicists, engineers and technicians from the University of Delaware's Bartol Research Institute are part of an international team working to build the world's largest neutrino telescope in the Antarctic ice, far beneath the continent's snow-covered surface. Dubbed “IceCube,” the telescope will occupy a cubic kilometer of Antarctica when it is completed in 2011, opening super-sensitive new eyes into the heavens. University of Delaware researchers are working to deploy the telescope's surface array of detectors, known as "IceTop." Read all about it!

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UD scientists at South Pole
Antarctica 2007

Greetings from the South Pole! With a grant from the National Science Foundation, a team of University of Delaware researchers is working in one of the iciest, coldest, most austere places on the planet: Antarctica. Share their experiences on this blog from Earth's deep freeze.

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Extreme 2008
Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure

Join an international research team led by University of Delaware scientists as they explore deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés in Nov. 2008. More than 20,000 middle- and high-school students worldwide "dived in" with the team, which includes scientists and graduate students from the University of Delaware, the University of Southern California, J. Craig Venter Institute, University of Colorado, University of North Carolina, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

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Engineers without Borders
Engineers Without Borders

The University of Delaware's chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a fledgling student organization on the UD campus, but one that is already improving the quality of life--making a difference for the people of a small village in Africa. The students are working to bring potable water to the village of Bakang in Cameroon. Over a billion lack access to safe drinking water. This blog chronicles the UD students' continuing efforts.

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Inauguration 2009

The University of Delaware, has a special coverage in recognition of the Jan. 20 inaugural activities at the state and national levels, you can read first person accounts by members of the University community who attended the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. , which included the swearing in of UD alumnus Joe Biden as vice president of the United States.

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corn plants
Kent County Agricultural Extension

This blog is used to post important and timely extension information from the University of Delaware, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, for agricultural producers, farm advisors, industry representatives, and landowners in the county.

Kent County, Delaware, may have a better than average corn crop this year, according to Gordon Johnson, UD Cooperative Extension agent.

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Kent County Commercial Horticulture

This purpose of this blog is to provide important and timely extension information from the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the commercial horticulture industry (nursery, greenhouse, landscape, turf/lawn care) horticultural advisors, industry representatives, and horticultural businesses in Kent County, Delaware.

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Longwood Graduate Program Blog

The Longwood Graduate Program is a two-year graduate program, supported collaboratively by the University of Delaware and Longwood Gardens, established in 1967. Fellowships are granted for students interested in leadership roles within the field of public horticulture. The Longwood Graduate Program is a dynamic program that combines research, coursework, and experiential learning to provide its students the greatest opportunities for professional development and personal growth. This blog is an effort to showcase, through words and images, the myriad opportunities for students within the Program.

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Talk of Townsend Newsletter
Talk of Townsend Newsletter

Talk of Townsend is an online newsletter for undergraduate students in the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The blog is constantly updated with college information, jobs, internships, campus events, advisement tips, and more. Postings are organized by date and categories for easy navigation.

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UD women's basketball in Turkey
Women's Basketball Trip to Turkey

A University of Delaware delegation that included members of the women's basketball team toured Turkey in June 2008, working with representatives of the Turkish Basketball Federation in conjunction with the FIBA Europe's Year of Women's Basketball campaign. The UD team conducted clinics for female coaches and players in Ankara, Adana, Istanbul, Kayseri and Nevsehir. Members of the UD traveling party wrote daily blogs about their experiences.

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