A survey was conducted, while abroad, in an attempt to gain insight on the individual experiences of those traveling.


  1. What were your expectations of the trip?
  2. Did you feel your expectations were met? Sharon Goldstein
  3. What was your personal highlight of the trip? Nicole Freilich; Jenny Goldsmith
  4. Were there any obstacles you had to overcome? Becca Shirley; Lauren DiLuzio; Lauren Kroesser
  5. Did you find yourself applying any of the skills you learned, in your communication classes abroad? Danielle Rabin
  6. How did the media affect your time abroad? Damien Dittberner; Katie Jo Inelli
  7. What is one thing you have hoped to take away from this trip? Sarah Dixon
  8. In persuading someone to take this trip what would you say? Erica Goldberg; Leah Peltier
  9. Describe how you have grown as a person based on your experiences abroad? Brandon Willsie; Kara Lawrence; Megan Goldberg
  10. Explain how the relationships you have made have affected you as a person? Abby Ray
  11. How has the study abroad experience enhanced you as a communication student? Marilisa Mendoza; Alissa Mann