Program Overview

Our '05 COMM Winter Session adventure begins in Australia at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, and moves on to enjoy the wonders of Sydney before flying to New Zealand to experience what author James Michener called "probably the most beautiful country on Earth," with its spectacular landscapes and diverse cultures on both the North and South islands. Alpine scenery, rain forests, golden beaches, magnificent fjords, perpetual geysers, bubbling mud-fields, mirror-like lakes, glaciers and unique wildlife are only a few of the sights you'll see.

In addition to experiencing the diversity of the landscapes and views, you will be introduced to the diverse cultures and lifestyles in both countries: Australia’s Aboriginals and the Maori civilization of New Zealand, wherein you will experience the history, customs, carvings, music, dances and foods of both cultures.

The experiences and excursions will also be highly diverse from rainforests to whale watching, to enjoying the kiwis, kangaroos, koalas and penguins, to touring museums and Parliaments, to taking a gondola trip up the mountains, to seeing a working farm with its sheep-shearing and sheep-dog herding demonstrations, to touring the International Antarctic Center in Christchurch and enjoying the annual “Buskers” celebrations, to hiking around Mt. Cook National Park, with its five massive glaciers, as well as cruising on Milford Sound.

In the major cities in both countries, you will experience tours of the telecommunications and broadcasting sites, explore the variety and evolution of media, conduct research and give presentations at various universities. For the next three weeks, we will visit as many sites as possible throughout a country that’s only the size of Colorado, but is “the world in miniature.”

COMM200 - Topics: Human Communication Systems - Comparative Media (3 cr.)
Analysis of various human communication systems which may include interpersonal, organizational and/or mass.
Satisfies the following requirements:
Arts & Science Group C
      Satisfies major elective requirement for COMM majors.

COMM350 - Public Speaking (3 cr.)
Analyzes and applies theory and research in public speaking. Develops skills in preparation, presentation and evaluation of speeches. Includes classroom performances.
Satisfies the following requirements:
      Satisfies major course requirement for COMM majors.