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Allen, Agaitha 1982 The Effects of Relational Perceptions of the Communicative Satisfaction of Marital Partners
Allen, Richard 1980 Functionalism And Use And Gratifications: A Comparison And Contrast
Aloia, Lindsey 2009 T'm Sorry About Your Face: A Study of Face, Politness, and Investment in the Context of Apology
Appel, Edward 1976

The Rhetoric of William F. Buckley Jr. and the Universal American Audience

Bacue, Aaron 1998 The Dark Side of Cognitive Complexity: Messages that Hurt
Barton, Susan 1975

Cicero 's Rhetorical Theory Applied to a Modern Case of Speaking in Defense

Bellows, Lee 1985 An Aesthetic Analysis of Psychological Closure in Television Commercials
Bevan, Jennifer 1999

Understanding the Role of Intrapersonal Uncertainty in the Experience and Epression of Jealousy in Cross-Sex Friendships

Boyle, Michael 2001
The Effect of Source and Relation Priming on the Relationship Between Pornography Exposure and Attitudes Toward Sex, Women, and Rape. 
Brummett, Erin 2010 Social network influence on romantic relationship commitment: Do friends and family dictate our love lives

Braddock, Kurt


Looking Beyond Biology: The Impact of Psychological Gender on Small Group Leadership Emergence

Burton-Royster, Pamela

Students’ Perceptions of Videotaped College Courses: Implications for The Study Of Social Presence and New Communication Technologies

Caplan, Scott

Elderly Individuals' Perceptions of Support Messages:

Carter, Karen 1978

Cognitive Style and Scholastic Achievement in Sixth Grade Students

Cichocki, Jennifer 2014 Is Your Face Securely Attached? The Effect of Attachment on Evaluations of Face Threats From Romantic Partners
Connell, Sherry 1985

A Comparative Evaluation of the Cognitive and Behavioral Treatments of Communication Apprehension

Connor, Harry 1976 The Newspaperman's Quest for a Voice in Newsroom Decision Making: A Look at the United States And Selected European Countries
Davis, Matt


The Influence of Psychological Factors on Interactive Computer Game Use

Diaz, Marta 1988

Using Radio for Information Gathering in Panama: A Methodological Analysis

Dobosh, Melissa

The Impact of Cognitive Complexity and Self-Monitoring on Leadership Emergence

Domingo, Mireya 1989 Attitude-behavior Relationship: A Comparative Analysis Using the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Reasoned Action
Dudo, Anthony

An Environmental Controversy: How Newspapers Framed Coverage of the Bush Administration’s Proposal to Drill for Oil and Natural Gas in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Emerson, M. Brian 1992 An Examination of Sports and Media-Events Orientations of the 1993 Winter Olympic Games
Eveland, William 1993 Political Participation of the Elderly: The Influence of Community Structure
Ferguson, Earl 1979 A Production Analysis of a Film: The Coastal State of Delaware
Ferreira, Elrod
Tacit Knowing and a Concern About Intercultural Communication Between Modern Technologically-Advanced Cultures and Their Primitive Contemporaries
Fleetwood, Karen 1987

The Conflict Management Styles and Strategies of Educational Managers

Ford, Carin 1984
A Look At Today's Newspapers: The Making of Content And Form
Forrest, Anne 1981 Language Problems of Internationally Adopted Children
Gambal, Vincent 1990 Public Information Campaigns: An Application of the Theory or Reasoned Action
Gerding, Ashton 2011 Be-Tween Two Worlds: A Content Analysis of Tween Television Programming
Geyer, Christopher 2012 Understanding Destructive Conflict: The Role of Projection in Attribution Bias and Selection of Conflict Strategies
Gilbert, Susan 1989

The Impact of the 1985 Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc. Strike on Philadelphia Television Station KYW

Gilkins, Jennifer 2007

Question-Order Effects And The Third-Person Effect: Distinguishing Impact Of Question-Order On The Third-Person Effect In The Context Of Violent Video Games

Gilligan, Eileen 1997

Statehouse Reporters and Their Use of Sources

Gillingham, Barbara 1970

WHYY Channel 12: Evening Programming 1965 to 1970

Godlewski, Lisa

Interactive Reality Television : An Analysis of Variables Influencing Post-Exposure Activity

Goldfarb, Robert 1984

A Field Study of The Effects of An Electronic Mail System on Communication in an Organization

Harper-Gilmore, Susan 1994
Television and Elementary School Children
Healy, Elaine
1992 Gender Stereotyped Selling Strategies: Appealing to the MTV Generation
Hepler, Mark 1981

The Effects of Perceived Trust On the Communication of Boundary Spanners in Organizations

High, Andrew

Does Communicating Via A Mediated Environment Reduce The Debilitating Effects Of Social Anxiety On Interpersonal Impression Management?

Holderman, Lisa

When Father Knew Best: The Influence Of Gender Images in Pre-1970 Black-And-White Television Programs on Gender Schema Activation

Hughes, Anne 1988
Employee Reaction to Computer Implementation: An Interpretive Study of the Politics of Organizational Change 
Kallis, Rhiannon 2011 We're (More Than) Friends on Facebook: An Exploration Into How Facebook Use Can Lead to Romantic Jealousy
Kang, Tanya 2011 The influence of trait mindfulness on the acculturation process in study abroad: an examination of cross-cultural Adaptation in the interpersonal communicative context of social support
Kmetz, Jo-Mary 1994 Basic Assumptions and the Internal Integrative Process as Defined by Communication Choices: An Inquiry into Organizational Culture
Kovner, Elizabeth 1991 Look Who's Talking: An Inquiry into Late Night Talk Show Viewing and Prosocial
Krautheim, Ann 2000

Television News Messages: Impact on Intention to Drink Milk

Krishnaiah, Jothik
The Evil Empire Revisited: The New York Times Coverage of the Soviet Intervention In and Withdrawal From Afghanistan
Krylow, Mary R. 2008 One Step Beyond Being "Familiar": Comparing the Engagement of Friends and Strangers in a Hidden Profile Study
Kunita, Motoko 1991
Corporate Advertising in the United States and Japan: A Comparative Analysis of Newspaper Advertising
Kunzru, Rishabh
2004 Advertisers’ use of emotional appeals to market tobacco products to youth in the context of social learning theory
Lears, Margaret 1992
The Effect of Television Viewing on Children's Conceptions About Nutrition and Health
Leslie-Bole, Cynthia 1985 Humor as a Communicative Strategy in an Organizational Culture
Lewis-Smith, Virginia 1977 Nonverberal Communication in the Classroom: Report, Analysis, and Critique of Evaluative Instruments
Leventhal, Lawrence 1982 An Examination of the Attitudes of Development Directors Concerning Possible Motivations for Underwriting Public Radio Programming
Lipka, Amy 1992 Being Young, Beautiful, and Tan: An Experimental Study of TV Beauty and Macho Ads on Role Expections of Males and Females
Lipke, Myriah 2005

Internet Filters in Libraries: An Analysis of Predictor Variables of Willingness to Censor

Lira, Solange de Azambuja 1973
Studies on Portuguese Phonology, Morphology and Syntax
Lou, Chin-Chia 1988
Cultural Effects on Management Communication in a Multinational Organization-- The U.S. and Taiwan 
Mackenzie, Jill 1993

Public Controversy Over Funding For The Arts: Media Agenda Building, Media, Frames, And Effects

Malinka, Olga 1999

By The Russian Newspaper Izvestia and The New York Times

Martin, Elizabeth 1984
Persuading the Adjudicator: Conflict Tactics in the Grievance Procedure
Matthews, Donna 1986 The Effects of Interpersonal Control on Self-Disclosure and Communication Apprehension
McCarthy, Jerome 1979 A Survey of Awareness and Viewing of WHYY-TV, Channel 12 In New Castle County, Delaware
McDaniel, James 1983

An Assessment of the Utility of the Cognitive Style Concept In Intercultural Communication Research

McGinty, Dacey 2013 Advocacy Among Parents of Children With Autism
McGuire, Wendy 2001 Autonomy and Connection Needs in Conversation: An Examination of Dialectical Tension
Mitchell, Julie 1997
Compliance-Gaining: A New Perspective Regarding Alternate Tactic Choice
Meng, Ching-Hwa 1988
How Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists in Philadelphia Perceive Each Other
Mori, Junko 1992 About What and What About: The Distinction Between "Topic" and "Issue" in Conversations
Much, Heidi 1988
Media Coverage of the Aids Issue and its Relationship to Public Awareness and Government Policy
Mukherji, Panchali 1999
The Gold Rush in Modern Times: A Study of the Impact of Economic Liberalization on the Cultural Content of Indian Advertisements
Mules, Lisa 1983 The Use of Employee Newsletters for Change Communication: An Analysis of Two Corporations' Newsletters
Murray, Sandra 1995 Advertising, A Reflection of Ourselves: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Television Commericals in the US and the Dominican Republic
Myers, Michaele 2014 "He Comes From The Land of The Ice and Snow": The Moderating Role of Information on Counterarguing Candidate-Related Messages in The Colbert Report
Nathanson, Amy 1994 The Consequences of Mother's Regulative Communication Strategies for Children's Social Cognition, Motivation, and Lonliness: An Analysis of Indirect Effects
Nelson, David 2002 Newspaper Coverage of Adeverse Research Findings on Hormone Replacement Therapy
Oliver, Richard 1975
Winterim TV January 22-26, 1973
Okonowicz, Edward, Jr. 1983 A History of Telephone Talk Radio in Wilmington, Delaware: 1950-1983
Owlett, Jennifer 2010 Understanding romantic jealousy: An analysis of both partners’ perspectives using an attribution framework
Oxley, Lindsey 2010 Parasocial Comparison: The analysis of a new social comparison target when looking at body satisfaction
Pepin, Linda 1999 Perceived Credibility of News on World Wide Web Homepages
Petersen, John 2013

Television, Mass Media, and Environmental Cultivation: A Study of Private Forest Landowners in Delaware

Pino, Michele

College Roommate Satisfaction and Computer Mediated Communication

Pompey, Stephanie 1992
Technology And Organizational Communication
Porreco, Anthony 2010 It’s your family, I assert you: The role of family communication patterns in determining differences in assertive communication
Potosky, Denise 1989

Evaluating Communication Skills Training as a Process Of Persuasion

Recchiuti, Janice
2003 College Students' Uses and Motives for E-Mail, Instant Messaging, and Online Chatrooms
Risciotti, Cristina
1989 Du Pont and The Ozone Layer Issue: Public Relations as a Source for Media Coverage
Rogers, Cynthia 1997 Marital Conflict Communication Over the Life-Span: A Test of the Socialization, Different Cultures, and Same Culture Theories of Gender Differences in Communication
Roberts, Paula 1974 A Generative-Tagmemic Description of Some English Catenatives as They Occur Within the Transitive Clause
Schiffer, Linda 1986
Innovative Decision Making and Cooptation as methods for Change Acceptance By External Environments
Schlerf, Susan 1993
Hospitalized Children and Television: An Exploration
Sen, Ruma 1991
"Have You Really Come A Long Way, Baby?!" A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in Magazine Advertisements of the United States and India
Sotos, Helen 2001 Sex Differences In Rhetorical Visions Of Communication: A Comparative Analysis  Of Competing Models
Shankar, Anisha

Communicating in Resource Dilemmas: Can Opinion Leaders Do Better?

Smith, Ginger 1987 Delaware Small Wonder: An Analysis of State Slogan Campaign
Staples, Jessica 1998
Call-In Talk Radio: A Uses and Gratifications Study of Listeners,Nonlisteners, and Callers
Steaker, Julia 1978 Nonverbal Betrayal of Deception
Steele, Kayla 2012 Laughter vs Fear: The Role of Political Humor in Combating Fear Appeals
Szutka, Lynn 1982 The Effect of Medical Professionals’ Attitudes About Mortality On Their Communication With the Terminally Ill
Steuber, Keli

Adult Attachment, Conflict Style, and Relationship Satisfaction: A Comprehensive Model

Tarver, Charles 1994
The Effects of Deregulation on Black Radio Ownership
Tressler, Kevin

A Moderated Mediation Model Of The Apprentice And Business Attitudes: A Study Of Reality-Based Television And Parasocial Feelings By Social Working Class And Trust In Big Business

Tyler, Joyce 1988 Perceived User Problems with Electronic Document Transfer in a Multi-National Setting
Tyrawski, Jennifer 2010 What’s up, doc?: An examination of entertainment television’s portrayal of medical professionals, patients, and their interactions
Turner, Jacob
2005 An Examination of Sexual Content in Music Videos
Veselenak, Davita

Conceptualizing and Testing The Multidimensionality of The Materialism Construct: Concept Explication and Preliminary Scale Development

Witmeyer III, Daniel 1978

Cognitive Styles and Persuasive Styles of Arab, Russian, and American Diplomats

Wyllie, Maureen 1976

A Comparative Analysis of the Communication Flow Between the U.S.I.A. and the Administration During the Administrations of Kennedy and Johnson

Vagenas, Patricia 1976

Predicting Speaking Effectiveness in the Basic College Speech Course

Volker, Christopher 2014 Elevating All-Starts to Superstars: An Examination of the Framing Practices of ESPN
Young, Barbara 1980 The Effect of Personalization on the Promotion of Continuing Education at the University of Delaware

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