Juliet Dee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

245 Pearson Hall
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Curriculum Vitae

Juliet Dee teaches courses on First Amendment law, mass communication and culture, and studio television production. She received her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, her master’s degree from Northwestern University, and her doctorate from Temple University. She is a co-author of Mass Communication Law in a Nutshell (2007), and has published articles on anonymous defamation on the Internet, objectionable lyrics in rock music and hip-hop, and media liability. Her research in the area of media liability involves investigating lawsuits in which plaintiffs have sued various media outlets, claiming that the media “incited” violence in real life, as in the case of a “how-to” manual for hitmen. She is a former Chair of the Freedom of Expression Division of the National Communication Association, and she is editor-elect of the Free Speech Yearbook.

COMM 245: Mass Communication And Culture
COMM 325: Studio Television Production
COMM 418: Topics in Mass Communication


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