Tip - Visual Aids

  • Make sure room is equipped with proper technology
  • Don’t use too many forms of visual aid – just enough to supplement your speech
  • Make sure to bring a back up of your presentation (zip drive, Cd-rom)
  • Don’t rely too much on the aid during your speech, practice and be comfortable with it beforehand. DON’T TALK AT YOUR VISUAL AID.

PowerPoint Format Advice:

  • Keep it simple! Avoid more that 4 bullets of text per slide.
  • Use consistent slides – same background color and font text.
  • Don’t overflow your slides with graphics and pictures.
  • If using an unfamiliar room, try to do a pre-run of your presentation.
  • Use clear and readable font (size 28-32).

Pamphlet/Handout Advice:

  • Consider when you want to use a handout.
  • Direct your audience where to look for information. Example, number the pages.
  • It may be best to hand them out towards the end of your speech. Don’t draw them away from your speech by handing it out at the beginning.

Posters/Tri-Fold Advice:

  • Make sure it can be seen by everyone in the room.
  • Place it high so your audience will see it.
  • Try to avoid making a “collage” and creating a poster that is too cluttered.
  • Use large, clean font texts so your poster is easily readable.

Diagram/Table/Chart Advice:

  • Avoid using a chart with too many rows/columns - it makes it very hard to understand.


Prepared by Julianne Kissane

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