Tip - Speech Prep Work

Choosing a Topic

  • Find something relevant to the assignment and situation.
  • Consider things that interest you.

Gathering Info

  • What are the main points?
  • What specifics need to be covered?
    • What does the audience need to know?

Analyzing the occasion and audience

  • What is the purpose of the speech?
    • To inform, persuade, argue, provide technical information
  • Time constraints
    • What is your time slot? Is your time limited? Are you the only speaker?
  • Capabilities of the room
    • What types of visual aids can you use?
    • Will the audience be comfortable?
    • Will there be any distractions in the room?
  • Audience analysis
    • Demographics ( age, gender, education level, culture and ethnic affiliation) and Psychographics (beliefs, attitudes, values, and group membership) overlap to make an audience profile.

Put info in an outline

  • What outline works best?
  • Make sure main points flow smoothly from one to another.
  • Add transitions to help with flow and markers to remind you when to use your visual aids. 

Practice, Practice, Practice !!!!!!

Prepared by Sean Guidera


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