Tip - What to Prepare Ahead of Time
to Get the
Most Out of Visiting a Fellow                


Problems with topic ideas:

  • Think about what you’re interested in and what will be pertinent to your audience
  • Come in with some ideas
  • Research a couple different ones to see if there is enough information to write a speech
  • Come in with rough ideas for the fellow

imageProblems writing or organizing your speech:

  • Gather information
  • Try to write an outline the best you can
  • Don’t worry we’ll work on it together

imageProblems with visual aids or power-point slides:

  • Think about different visual aids you would find interesting
  • Try to put together a couple slides even if you’re unsure you’re doing them correctly

imageFear of giving the speech:

  • Have your speech organized
  • Practice in the mirror a couple times
  • Come in so you can do a practice run on your speech and the fellow can give you points on how to relax


Don’t know where to go at all?
Come in and we’ll start from the beginning!

Prepared by Nicole Geisheimer


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