Tip - Sample Rehearsal Outline
(all your information that you will be using for your speech, an extended version of the brief outline)

Informative Speech with Visual Aids Rehersal Outline

Swimming: the lifelong sport

Thesis Statement: Swimming is a healthy life long sport.

Specific Purposes:
To describe competitive swimming
To inform classmates of the health benefits of swimming
To describe to classmates how to do a swimming workout


  1. How many students have waited for more than 15 minutes to use one of the machines at the gym?  Go to the pool.
  2. Explain what talk about in speech
    THESIS: Swimming is a healthy life long sport


  1. Competitive swimming does not just have one big meet every four years called the Olympics
    1. A year round sport broken down into “short course” with meets lasting from October to March, 25 yard pool and “long course” with meets from May to August, 50 meter pool, not much break for swimmers
    2. Different leagues which one can compete in, USS, YMCA, masters All use the same rules based on using the correct swimming technique so that no swimmer has an unfair advantage over another
      1. two hand touches in breast/fly
      2. 15 meters in back
  2. Not everyone has to be in a competitive league, can just swim for your own pleasure and exercise.
    1. All experts agree that “swimming is the best and most complete from of exercise there is”
    2. Same aerobic benefits as running or going on the elliptical at the gym
    3. Work every muscle of your body
    4. Without worrying about current or future injury since swimming doesn’t strain connective tissues, and can help prevent other injuries
    5. Also can lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase your heart’s overall health, help you loose weight
      1. Swimmers have the “best bodies” as Michealangelo’s David, which is considered the perfect male body, is very comparable to that of a swimmers’.
    6. a lifelong sport, anyone can start swimming at any age and you can tailor your own workouts to your abilities, just getting back into the sport or starting for the first time
  3. Swimming workout
    1. easy to develop on your on own based on your past experience with swimming
      - never swam before to getting back into the sport to swimming competitively
    2. you determine the difficulty with the distance and the time interval for which you plan on finishing that distance
      1. essentially how much rest you are going to get
    3. approximately 1 mile of swimming = 4 miles of running, calorie burning

            1. Motivate classmates to take up swimming as daily exercise


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