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Did you know that on a scale of one to ten, fear of public speaking routinely ranks first or second while fear of death ranks either eight or nine?  Some of you might well remember the sweaty palms that accompanied your first class presentation.  Some of you may have seen the anxiety that some students radiate during their presentations.  Take a look at our short video. You may have seen some of the same behaviors in your own classes. I strongly recommend you to consider the mentoring resources of the Oral Communication Fellows to help those students whose presentation skills need to be sharpened.

            The Oral Communication Fellows are trained to mentor your students.  One-to-one peer mentoring provides the students with an empathic listener who has been trained in all aspects of public speaking.  Students assigned to small-group presentations are welcome to come as a group for mentoring sessions. 

The Fellows are a committed group of undergraduate students who have successfully completed their required public speaking course, COMM350.  As part of their training, they have also taken a three-credit course in mentoring skills.  They can help in all aspects of presentation development and delivery. They work three hours per week throughout the fall and spring semesters.            

Making an appointment is easy. Simply link to our online scheduler.  Students can make an appointment 24/7 by day, time and location.  Sessions are 15 minutes minimum to one hour maximum.  A student can sign up for multiple sessions.  When an appointment is made, the student will get an e-mail verification of the appointment.  Two locations are available for sessions, 233 Pearson Hall, and the Student Multi-Media Design Center located in the lower level of Morris Library. The service is free.

            Pass along this information to your classes.  To get the most out of a session, students should bring their notes and outline.  They should know how long their class presentation will be and whether they need visual aids.  If they plan to use PowerPoint, they should bring their laptop and slide file.  What we will not do is pick a topic for your student, nor do research for your student.  What we will do is help each student prepare more thoroughly for their own presentations.

             Public speaking is a skill. By using this resource your students have much to gain and nothing to lose.
            Please contact me if you have any questions.

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For further information, contact:
Department of Communication
Jo Kmetz, Director Oral Communication Fellows Program
248 Pearson Hall /302-831-6799 Or visit

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