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Oral Communication Fellows

Oral Communication Fellows:  See what we do! 

The Oral Communication Fellows are a specifically trained group of students. Each member of our team is not only a communication major, but has successfully completed an intense public speaking class, gone through an interview and essay application process, and had a semester-long Oral Communication Fellows training program.
Our objectives are:

  • To utilize our training and experiences to instill confidence and help you to expose your own abilities;
  • To provide you with enough helpful advice to strengthen your delivery while reducing anxiety; and,
  • To enable you to become a proficient and competent public speaker now and in future endeavors.

We will help with speech organization:

  • Refining your thesis
  • Outline organization
  • Transitions
  • Integrating Visual Aids
  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Citing Sources Properly
  • How to effectively use PowerPoint
    without experiencing “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Analyzing Audience

We will also help with speaker presentation:

  • Speaker apprehension
  • Delivery
    • Volume Quality
    • Voice Quality
  • Controlling Nonverbal Gestures
    • Eye Contact
    • Hand Usage/Gestures
  • Group and Partner Work
  • Analyzing Audience

Contact Information
Appointment locations and availability:

  • Writing Center, Memorial Hall 016

To make an appointment, log on to our online scheduler

All this knowledge and insight is ready for you to use!

For further information, contact:
Department of Communication
Dr Tracey Holden, Director Oral Communication Fellows Program
248 Pearson Hall / 302-831-8041 Or visit

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