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Oral Communication Fellows

Oral Communication Fellows:  See what we do! 

The Oral Communication Fellows are a specifically trained group of students. Each member of our team is not only a communication major, but has successfully completed an intense public speaking class, gone through an interview and essay application process, and had a semester-long Oral Communication Fellows training program.
Our objectives are:

  • To utilize our training and experiences to instill confidence and help you to expose your own abilities;
  • To provide you with enough helpful advice to strengthen your delivery while reducing anxiety; and,
  • To enable you to become a proficient and competent public speaker now and in future endeavors.

We will help with speech organization:

  • Refining your thesis
  • Outline organization
  • Transitions
  • Integrating Visual Aids
  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Citing Sources Properly
  • How to effectively use PowerPoint
    without experiencing “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Analyzing Audience

We will also help with speaker presentation:

  • Speaker apprehension
  • Delivery
    • Volume Quality
    • Voice Quality
  • Controlling Nonverbal Gestures
    • Eye Contact
    • Hand Usage/Gestures
  • Group and Partner Work
  • Analyzing Audience

Contact Information
Appointment locations and availability:

  • 233 Pearson Hall: Monday- Friday
  • Student Multimedia Design Center (Morris Library):
    Monday-Friday See our online scheduling system for times and days

To make an appointment, log on to our online scheduler

All this knowledge and insight is ready for you to use!

For further information, contact:
Department of Communication
Dr Tracey Holden, Director Oral Communication Fellows Program
248 Pearson Hall / 302-831-8041 Or visit

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