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What is Lambda Pi Eta?


Lambda Pi Eta is The National Communication Honor Society of The National communication Association. A member of the Association of college Honor Societies, it was founded in 1985 at the University of Arkansas. The goals of Lambda Pi Eta are (1) to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies; (2) to stimulate interest in the field of communication; (3) to promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; (4) to provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication; (5) to establish and maintain closer relationships between faculty and students; and (6) to explore options for graduate education in communication studies.


There are over 400 chapters located worldwide.


Who is eligible to join?

Requirements for the individual student include:


Have completed at least 60 semester hours (or at least 90 quarter credit hours in college)

Have been admitted to communication

Have completed at least 12 semester hours (or at least 18 quarter credit hours) of communication study

Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5

Have a communication studies GPA of at least 3.25

Currently enrolled as a student in good standing

Display commitment to the field of communication


What is the cost of membership in Lambda Pi Eta?

There is a one-time $30 membership fee in Lambda Pi Eta. This includes the cost of your membership pin and certificate. The initial chapter dues are $20. (This includes the cost of your honors cord.)


What are some benefits of my membership in Lambda Pi Eta?

Lambda Pi Eta members can become members of The National Communication Association, receive honor cords, build their resume with service activities and professional experience, submit their paper for presentation, apply for awards, hold a National Officer position, attend and participate in regional and national conventions, among other benefits.


How is a chapter structured?

Each chapter must have a faculty adviser. The adviser's primary duties are to check grade requirement eligibility of potential members, assist the chapter in carrying out its activities, submit orders to the national office, oversee the induction ceremony, and to keep correspondence with the National Communication Association.


Chapters typically elect the following student officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer.


What does a chapter have to do?

Minimally, a chapter must submit a chapter report to the national office in the spring of each year. There are no specific requirements for the chapter report. However, you should include information about the chapter's activities. Again, the more effort put into the chapter, the more you'll benefit. Some activities include holding a regular scheduled meeting (some with speakers), some fund raising events, participation at regional and national conventions, submitting application for Lambda Pi Eta awards, nominating members for student officer positions, attending induction ceremonies for our new members each semester, and much more. What we do is up to you, the members of our chapter.


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Photo of Officers and New Members at the 2011 Lamda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony



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