Co. Jay Parker


Colonel Jay Morgan Parker (United States Army) is Academy Professor and Director of International Relations and National Security Studies, Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy. He is responsible for all aspects of the undergraduate international relations program to include curriculum design and conduct of the core IR course taught to 1000 cadets each year and all IR elective courses. He also supervises the conduct of two annual international conferences, and provides analytical support on national security issues to Department of the Army. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Colonel Parker earned masters' degrees from Arizona State University and the University of Southern California and a PhD in international relations from Columbia University. He is also a graduate of the Naval War College. His teaching areas include International Relations Theory, East Asian Politics, American Foreign Policy, and Politics and Film. He is the author or editor of numerous texts, book chapters, articles, reviews, and conference papers.

Prior to his most recent West Point assignment, COL Parker served as operations, plans, and training officer (S3) for the U.S. Army's tactical airborne psychological operations battalion. He took part in operational planning for RESTORE HOPE and other humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping missions. He previously served as commander of the unit responsible for U.S. Army and Joint Service psychological operations training and doctrine development. In that capacity, COL Parker oversaw the post Cold War redesign of psychological operations officer training and the revision of the U.S. Army's psychological operations doctrine manual. Commissioned as an infantry officer through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), he began his military career in Wiesbaden, Germany where he served as a mechanized infantry platoon leader, staff officer, and company commander.

COL Parker's civilian experience includes service as a congressional aide and as a political campaign consultant. He is a Japan Society U.S.-Japan Leadership Fellow, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and recently served as an advisor to the Museum of Television and Radio Satellite Seminar Series "Learning From The Last War: The Media and The Military". He and his wife, Colonel Ila Corinne Bridges (Judge Advocate General's Corps), have two children; Kirsten, 24, and Eric, 17. They reside at West Point.