Final Writing Assignment

Due: Friday, May 18, 2001 by 4:00pm

(You may submit your final assignment as an email attachment or
in my mailbox in 250 Pearson Hall.)


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of foreign affairs for an American official or for an American journalist is the sheer complexity and diversity of issues faced daily by the United States. Many of these are difficult to follow and understand, and many are completely ignored by most Americans - until a crisis erupts.

Imagine yourself the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States. He's new in office, and is facing this same dizzying array of international issues, on which he doesn't even claim to be an expert.

Based on your listening to this semester's guest speakers, and on the readings available on the Global Agenda web site (and elsewhere if you wish), choose one of the themes below and write a 7-10-page memo to the President explaining the issues involved and making recommendations for U.S. policy in your chosen area. Remember that decisions made by your President can affect the lives of people worldwide, not just in the United States.

Be sure to include references to your sources, including our guest speakers.

Themes to choose from:

• U.S. relations with powerful potential adversaries such as Russia and China

• U.S. involvement in peace negotiations such as Northern Ireland and the Middle East

• Trade and economic issues with Europe and Asia

Military involvement issues in Europe and Asia

• U.S. aid to developing countries such as in the Middle East and Africa