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University of Delaware
Global Agenda
Course Readings
POSC/COMM425-011 & 080
Spring, 2001
Professor Ralph J. Begleiter
Teaching Assistant Toni Chayt

Updated: 4/30/01

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Middle East

Testimony by CIA Director George Tenet on security threats facing the United States (2/7/01)
Bush confronts U.S. economy affecting the world (NYTimes)
U.S. Seen as "villain" on the world scene (WashPost)
Bush foreign policy team critique (NYTimes)
Satire: "When the Boy King Ruled" (NYTimes)
Survey on U.S. Foreign Aid (U of Md)
Davos, Switzerland forum on int'l economic issues (CNN)
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) text
Bush foreign policy overview (NYTimes)

Achieving Stable Peace in Europe (US Inst. of Peace)
Undivided Europe (US Inst. of Peace)
Transatlantic Relations in the Aftermath of Kosovo (US Inst of Peace)
Bosnia's Next Five Years (US Inst of Peace)
NATO troops nervously protect Serbs (NYT)
CNN resources on National Missile Defense (CNN)
Serb TV now serves new masters (NYTimes)
Europe's Shifting Role Challenges the U.S. (NYTimes)

"PeaceWatch" - Arab-Israeli peace process (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
"PolicyWatch" - Mideast issues other than peace process - (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
NYTimes overview (NYTimes.com)
Mideast Peace Process (NYTimes)
NYTimes Tom Friedman - The Arab World
U.S. Presidents Lured by Prospects of Mideast Peace (NYTimes)
Looking Beyond Yassir Arafat (WashPost)
Price of Peace Will be Paid in Dreams (NYTimes)
The War Saddam Won (NYTimes)
Reporter's Notebook: Between Two Truths (NYTimes)
Navigating Through Turbulence - report to the Bush Administration (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
U.S. State Dept background info on Middle East Peace Process
Israel's Nuclear Weapons (WPost)
Begleiter's Middle East class presentation

Diamond Wars (NYTimes)
Rwanda's Genocide (NYTimes)
Congo Civil War (NYTimes)
The Dead Zones (AIDS) (NYTimes)
Keeping Peace in Africa Without Troops (NY Times)
Ghana: An Africa Success Story (NYT Editorial)
Refugee Tide Swells in West Africa (WPost)
Hopes Wither in Africa, People Turn on Leaders (NYTimes)
CIA Maps of Africa
UPENN Africa Resources
UPENN country-specific resources
USAID Africa links
More USAID Africa links
USAID Africa resources
AIDS in Africa (WPost)
South Africa Overview (WPost)
Contemporary Conflicts in Africa (ACDI)
Begleiter's Africa class presentation

Northern Ireland Peace Process (NYTimes)
European Cooperation: Until Disaster Strikes (NYTimes)
Mad Cow Disease map (NYTimes)
Summary of U.S. trade sanctions imposed (Ass'n of Mfgrs)
Effectiveness of economic sanctions (NYTimes)
New USIP publication on the News Media role in peace processes such as Northern Ireland (USIP Adobe Acrobat download)
New Battle over the WTO (NYTimes)
New Why Jesse Helms is Good for the US (NYTimes)
New Milosevic Arrested (WashPost)

Communist China at 50 (NYTimes)
Chinese government battles Falun Gong (NYTimes)
China and Falun Gong (NYTimes)
Chine media - a Chinese "CNN" (NYTimes)
Tiananmen Square Papers (NYTimes)
Woodrow Wilson on aid to China
Bush Administration plans to assail China (NYTimes)
North Korea Memo (NYTimes)
Issues Facing George Bush re: China (NYTimes)

Russia's New Direction (NYTimes)
The Chechnya War (NYTimes)
New Look at Russia (NYTimes)
New Putin vs. the Oligarchs (WashPost)
New Russia key stories (1997-1999; including many by David Hoffman) (WashPost)
New Putin Profile (by David Hoffman, including audio intv with Hoffman) (WashPost)
New Key Political Players in Russia (WashPost)
New Russia Timeline: Boris Yeltsin to Vladimir Putin (1985-1999)(WashPost)
New The Kursk Submarine Tragedy (WashPost)
New Russia's Health Crisis (NYTimes)
New Missile Defense, Europe, Russia and the U.S. (NYTimes)
European concerns over Bush foreign policy includes missile defense (NYTimes)

Selected International Affairs Publications & Resources

The New York Times World

The Washington Post World
The Washington Post Special Reports

International Herald Tribune

New! Links to newspapers in other countries

The Los Angeles Times

Time Magazine

Newsweek Magazine

The Economist

The Globalist

Foreign Affairs Magazine

Middle East Insight Magazine

The Jerusalem Report

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

United States Institute of Peace

Brookings Institution

Council on Foreign Relations

Asia Society

Woodrow Wilson Int'l Center

The Heritage Foundation

SAIS/Johns Hopkins


U.S. Department of State

State Dept Country Background Notes

United Nations

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Clinton era White House web site (National Archives)

CIA World Factbook 2000

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