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University of Delaware
Global Agenda
Alison Honors Forum
Spring, 2001
Professor Ralph J. Begleiter
Teaching Assistant Toni Chayt

Updated: 4/4/01

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This page summarizes activities for students in the Alison Honors Forum section of Global Agenda 2001.

This class will meet once before the start of the lecture series. The first class meeting takes place Thursday, February 15 at 7:30pm in Memorial 125.

Thereafter, students in this section will attend the seven lectures in the series (see Speaker Calendar).

Students in this one-credit forum are required to attend and actively participate in all guest speaker evening public lectures. (See the speaker calendar for details.) Students in this section will be required to write one final paper, approximately 7-10 pages in length, on a question to be posed at the end of the semester. This paper will summarize students' appreciation of the themes discussed by the guest speakers.
The assignment for the final paper is available here.

Students in this section are encouraged to avail themselves of the readings and resources of the course to prepare for discussion of the issues raised during the guest speaker lectures. Students are also welcome to attend class discussions between guest speaker dates, but these are optional sessions - not required of students in the Alison Honors section. These optional sessions meet at 3:30pm Thursdays in Gore 117.

There is no separate syllabus for this section; you may review the main course syllabus.

Grades for this section will be based on the following criteria:
• Active participation and attendance at guest lectures - 50% of grade
• Final paper - 50% of grade

Other course policies may be reviewed on the Policies page

Selected International Affairs Publications & Resources

The New York Times World

The Washington Post World

International Herald Tribune

The Los Angeles Times

Time Magazine

Newsweek Magazine

The Economist

The Globalist

Foreign Affairs Magazine

Middle East Insight Magazine

The Jerusalem Report

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

United States Institute of Peace

Brookings Institution

Council on Foreign Relations

Asia Society

Woodrow Wilson Int'l Center

The Heritage Foundation

SAIS/Johns Hopkins

New Speakout.com

New U.S. Department of State

New United Nations

New Clinton era White House web site (National Archives)


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