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Field Trip to Washington

(November 17, 2000)

COMM418 and POSC467

"Crisis News" and "Road to the Presidency"

Professor Ralph J. Begleiter

History and current operations of some of the world's most respected news organizations were the focus of a field trip to Washington by students in two Communication and Political Science classes. The visit to two destinations - the Newseum and CNN Washington - was designed to help students experience how media and politics interact. Students experienced a unique class at the Newseum featuring a former journalist now using satellite photographs in newsgathering. The field trip was part of the students' overall study of the role the news media play in shaping American and global culture and politics.

At the Newseum

Newspapers from around the world make up a "news globe" at the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia.

"Crisis News" students pore over satellite digital photos used for newsgathering and explained by former ABC News producer Mark Brender,
now working with Space Imaging, Inc.


Crisis News! student Nancy Bellafante
asks a question of Brender.

Students got an insider's view of the Newseum
studio control room and floor.

Students peruse the news media's "global village" and a wall of press passes at the Newseum.

Brad Ulbrich and Nicole Priestly-Magana hone their television news anchoring skills before a critical audience of peers.


At CNN Washington

Washington correspondent Brooks Jackson (left) chats about election coverage, while Senior Producer Marty Kramer (seated) and White House correspondent Charles Bierbauer (standing) offer their perspectives on Washington news coverage.

Students also met CNN Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno and "Inside Politics" Producer Beth Fouhy, who discussed their roles and answered questions about election coverage, news programming and news judgment.

Students observed controlled chaos in the CNN control room during a live broadcast of "Inside Politics."

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