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Faculty Research Toolkit

The Office of Research at the College of Health Sciences works hard to support our faculty research efforts. We assist faculty with pre-awards issues, such as:

  • Finding funding agencies that are a match for their research ideas
  • Assisting with developing a budget
  • Statistical analysis and assistance with experimental design
  • Reviewing grants
  • Editorial assistance
  • Finding collaborative partners
  • Identifying technology that supports their research.

In the future, we will work towards hiring individuals who can help with patient enrollment on studies, data management, health economics and demographic data, grant writing for larger programmatic grants.

We will also assist faculty in advancing larger, programmatic grants, such as program-project grants, equipment grants, training grants and research infrastructure grants.

Timelines – we have developed a pre-proposal form to help faculty formulate their research ideas, and a timeline for grant submission. All grant applications need to be submitted to our pre-awards office 5 days in advance of their due date. Further, if you wish to have the text of your grant reviewed internally or externally, you will need to have it ready 2-4 weeks in advance of the due date.

Finding a Funding Agency – our office is happy to assist you with finding funding agencies that might support your research idea. We recommend that faculty develop their grant applications and target a specific federal agency, such as NIH, AHRQ, NSF, Department of Defense CDMRP or others as appropriate. We will then find other foundations that may entertain that same project idea and help you develop the proposal for that agency. In this way, we can send each faculty members project idea out to multiple agencies for consideration.

There are foundations that provide significant support for research and training projects, such as the American Heart Foundation, American Cancer Society, PCORI, American Diabetes Foundation and others.

Listservs and Weekly Funding Announcements - Consider enrolling in the NIH, AHRQ, or NSF listserv for weekly announcements for new funding opportunities.

NIH Webinar Workshops

Searching for Foundations – if you would like to search for funding agencies on your own, please use the resources provide at the University of Delaware including Community of Scientists (COS) and FoundationCenters.org.

Resources – Soon, we will begin posting text and language that may be common to a number of applications, including a Resources page (list of equipment and technology); Inclusion of Undergraduates in research (for R15 and NSF applications); Language that support the ethical use of animals in research and other information as appropriate.

Grantsmanship – The Office of Research at the University of Delaware offer workshops and seminars for faculty to participate in and learn about the grants process. Please visit their website for further information regarding CITI training for research compliance, funding opportunities, deadlines and conflict of Interest. The College of Health Sciences will begin offering ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for our faculty and students to learn more about the grant writing process, beginning this Fall, 2013.

Inventions – If you have an invention that you believe is worthy of protecting, please feel free to check out the Invention Disclosure Form and submit it to the Office of Technology Transfer.

Further, if you would like to develop a trademark/servicemark, copyright or a startup company, contact the Office of Technology Transfer.

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