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A Message from the
Associate Dean for Research

Dan Flynn

Health care is one of our nation’s top priorities and is central to the research mission of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware. Health care in our country is changing in response to market forces and the Affordable Care Act. Patients and providers are demanding more accurate, economical, and effective treatment strategies and searching for new ways to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. New research will be needed that can lead to better ways to rapidly and accurately diagnose a patient’s illness; quickly and efficiently treat patients; and help patients learn to avoid risk and engage in healthy lifestyles.

The College of Health Sciences is a dynamic academic environment with 100 faculty members who engage in education, research, and service. Our research programs are focused on novel ways to diagnose disease; clinical studies that assess comparative effectiveness and health outcomes; new ways to treat patients with a known diagnosed condition; behavioral studies that help patients make healthy choices; and policy studies that look for new ways for federal, state and local agencies to promote a healthy Delaware. These active areas of research address diseases as diverse as obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, cerebral palsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s. The research projects are led by outstanding faculty, with the help of talented graduate and undergraduate students, all supported by a robust core facility environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

If you’re interested in collaborating, participating, or supporting research that directly interfaces with patient care, we invite you to join us!

Daniel C. Flynn
Associate Dean for Research
Unidel Chair

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