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Rhonda Prisby

Bone marrow, the spongy tissue inside long bones, produces new blood cells and helps the lymphatic system work properly. But it may also turn out to be a progressively hostile microenvironment that induces vascular dysfunction and ossification, or hardening, of blood vessels. More ""

Thomas Buckley

Data collected from UD athletes on impacts to the head will provide answers to questions about sports-related concussion and its long-term and cumulative effects.
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Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff

The PDShoe, an ordinary beach shoe equipped with force sensors and a simple vibration system, shows promise for managing one of the most distressing symptoms of PD—freezing of gait, which is an episodic inability to step effectively. More ""

Michele Lobo

Children who are born with neurological or muscular deficiencies that prevent or limit early movement and exploration are at risk for future learning disabilities as well as difficulty with basic tasks like feeding and dressing themselves. More ""

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