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Research spotlight

  • Tom Kaminski (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology): ankle instability, mild traumatic brain injuries in women’s soccer, functional performance assessment for the lower extremities

  • Carolee Polek (Nursing), cancer care, including prevention, early detection and survivorship 

  • Buzz Swanik (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), injury proneness

  • Gregory Hicks (Physical Therapy), improving physical function in older adults

  • Bethany Hall-Long (Nursing), policies and programs to help vulnerable populations.

  • Arun Kumar (Medical Laboratory Sciences), nanomedicine

  • Joe Zeni (Physical Therapy), osteoarthritis and joint arthroplasty

  • Christopher Modlesky (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), skeletal development of children with cerebral palsy and osteogenesis imperfecta

  • Mary Ann McLane (Medical Laboratory Sciences), cancer metastasis

  • Kathy Schell (Nursing), patient safety, postoperative care

  • Sam Lee (Physical Therapy), use of electrical stimulation to improve function of individuals with central nervous system injury

  • Jillian Trabulsi (Behavioral Health & Nutrition), weight gain, growth, and nutritional status in infants and children

  • Michelle Parent (Medical Laboratory Sciences), immunity to bacterial infections

  • Dave Edwards (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), vascular function

  • Raelene Maser (Medical Laboratory Sciences), diabetic neuropathy

  • Marie Kuczmarski (Behavioral Health & Nutrition), nutrition and aging

  • Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff (Nursing), Parkinson’s disease

  • Bill Farquhar (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), effects of dietary salt on blood pressure

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