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A Message from the Dean

Kathy Matt

To our new students, welcome to the College of Health Sciences. To our returning students, welcome back! This looks to be another wonderful year in the College. With all of the exciting changes happening in healthcare, it is a fantastic time to be pursuing a career in this area.

This year in particular we have new facilities coming on line that will house our clinics, some of our research programs, and some brand new teaching spaces. This new building will open in January 2014 on the STAR campus, the site that formerly was home to the Chrysler plant.

It took a lot of vision when UD bought the property in 2009 to think that the site could house a modern health sciences facility that would bring together researchers and clinicians, faculty and students, UD and the larger community, to transform healthcare education and delivery in our little state.

Now, that vision is rapidly becoming reality, with the first building on the Health Sciences Complex at the STAR Campus set to open early in 2014.

What does it mean for our students? It will open up opportunities for internships, preceptorships, and interprofessional training.

What does it mean for our faculty? The facility will bring them together in interdisciplinary teams with clinicians as well as with other academic researchers, educators, and practitioners.

What does it mean for the community? The site will become a “medical home” and a living laboratory for the First State as we partner with countless individuals, agencies, clinics, schools, and hospitals across Delaware.

As we greet the CHS class of 2017 and welcome back our returning students and faculty, we want to share our excitement about the STAR Campus. But we also want to keep everyone informed about all of the fantastic things that are already going on in the College.

So tune in as we increase our use of social media to stay in touch. Follow us on Facebook, where we’re highlighting CHS in action; on Twitter, which we’ll be using to deliver announcements and deadline reminders; and on Pinterest, where we’re providing content for UD’s Health and Wellness Board.

Social media is just that—social—so please engage with us, talk to us, and comment on our posts. We want your feedback and we invite you to partner with us as we launch this exciting new venture.

Engage and be part of our journey towards healthcare innovation.

All the best,

Kathleen S. Matt, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean, College of Health Sciences
Executive Director, Delaware Health Sciences Alliance

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