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Megan Wenner

Megan Wenner

Assistant Professor
Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
201V STAR Health Sciences Complex

Research Interest

  • Women’s Health
  • Menopause
  • Cardiovascular Physiology


  • Post-Doc The John B. Pierce Laboratory and Yale School of Medicine, CT 2012
  • PhD University of Delaware, DE, 2009, Applied Physiology
  • MS University of Delaware, DE, 2005, Exercise Physiology
  • BS West Chester University, PA, 2002, Athletic Training
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification
  • CPR & AED, American Heart Association

Professional Experience

  • 2002-2004 Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Delaware, Department of Athletics, Newark, DE
  • 2007 Instructor, West Chester University, Department of Sports Medicine, West Chester, PA
  • 2004-2009 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Delaware, Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, Newark, DE
  • 2009-2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, The John B. Pierce Laboratory and Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
  • 2012- Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, Newark, DE

Recent Publications/Books & Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Wenner MM, Prettyman AV, Maser RE, and Farquhar WB. Preserved autonomic function in amenorrheic athletes. J Appl Physiol 101:590-597,2006.
  • Farquhar WB, Wenner MM, Delaney EP, Prettyman AV, Stillabower ME. Sympathetic Neural Responses to Increased Osmolality in Humans. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 291: H2181-2186, 2006.
  • Wenner MM, Rose WC, Delaney EP, Stillabower ME, Farquhar WB. The Influence of Plasma Osmolality on Baroreflex Control of Sympathetic Activity. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2007; 293(4):H2313-9.
  • Wenner MM, Taylor HS, Stachenfeld NS. Progesterone enhances adrenergic control of skin blood flow in women with high but not low orthostatic tolerance. J Physiol 589: 975-986, 2011.
  • Wenner MM, Edwards DG, Ray CA, Rose WC, Gardner TJ, Stillabower ME, Farquhar WB. Short-term Celecoxib Does Not Alter Renal Sodium Handling or Blood Pressure during Dietary Salt Loading in Humans. Clin Ex Pharmacol Physiol 38(8):543-9, 2011.
  • Wenner, MM, Wilson, T.E., Davis, S, L., Stachenfeld, N.S. Pharmacology curve fitting to analyze cutaneous adrenergic responses. J Appl Physiol 111: 1703–1709, 2011.
  • Wenner MM, Taylor HS, Stachenfeld NS. ET-B receptor contribution to peripheral microvascular function in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. J Physiol 589(19): 4671-9, 2011.
  • DuPont JJ, Greaney JL, Wenner MM, Lennon-Edwards S, Sanders PW, Farquhar WB, Edwards DG. Increased dietary sodium intake impairs endothelial-dependent dilation in healthy salt-resistant humans. Journal of Hypertension. In Revision.
  • Wenner MM and Stachenfeld NS. Blood pressure and fluid regulation: understanding sex hormone effects within and between men and women. J Physiol Invited Review. Accepted September 25, 2012.

Misc. Publications / Chapters / Technical Reports

  • Wenner MM, Irwin S, and Farquhar WB. Exercise Treatment of the Rehabilitated Patient: Cardiopulmonary and Peripheral Responses [book chapter]. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, 2009.
  • Wenner MM and Stachenfeld NS. Orthostatic Intolerance in Young Women [chapter]. Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health and Disease (In Press), 2012.
  • Wenner MM and Stachenfeld NS. Fluid and Electrolyte Requirements for the Female Athlete [book chapter]. Nutrition and the Female Athlete (submission complete; in editing phase by publisher), 2012.

Professional Membership

  • 2002-2011 American College of Sports Medicine
  • 2004-08 National Athletic Trainers’ Association
  • 2006-present American Heart Association / American Stroke Association
  • 2006-present American Physiological Society
  • 2007- 08 American Association for the Advancement of Science


  • KAAP 433 Applied Physiology of Activity
  • KAAP 400 Research Methods

Honors & Awards

  • 2002 Phillip B. Donley Award – Outstanding Senior Student Athletic Trainer, West Chester University
  • 2004 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, University of Delaware
  • 2007 University Graduate Fellows Award, University of Delaware
  • 2008 University Dissertation Fellows Award, University of Delaware (awarded but declined)
  • 2008 Dean’s Excellence in Graduate Research Award, University of Delaware

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