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Nancy Getchell

Nancy Getchell

Associate Professor
Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
157 Human Performance Lab




Research Interests

  • Development of neuromotor coordination and control in children with autism, learning disabilities, and developmental coordination disorder
  • The relationship among motor proficiency, physical activity, and health related fitness in pre-school aged children.


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996 (Kinesiology:  Motor Development)
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1989 (Kinesiology:  Motor Development)
  • B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1985 (Exercise and Sport Sciences, with high distinction)

Professional Experience

  • 2005-present, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
    • Affiliated with Biomechanics and Movement Science Interdisciplinary program, Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • 2001-2005, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
  • 1996 - 2001, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Recent Publications

  • Masci, I., Vannozzii, G., Getchell, N., & Capozo, A. (In press). Assessing locomotor skills development in childhood using wearable inertial sensor devices: The running paradigm. Gait and Posture.
  • Masci, I., Vannozzii, G., Getchell, N., & Capozo, A. (2012). Assessing hopping developmental level in childhood uses wearable inertial sensor devices. Motor Control, 16, 317 – 328.
  • Getchell, N., Blom, M., Morris, L, Szaroleta, M. & Miccinello, D. (2012). Energy expenditure in adolescents with and without autism during walking, running, and playing Nintendo Wii activities. Games for Health, 1(1), 58 – 61.
  • Breslin, C., Lui, T., Getchell, N., & Pope, M. (2012). Using constraints to design developmentally appropriate movement activities for children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 83(2) 35 – 41.
  • Orsega-Smith, E., Getchell, N., & Palkovitz, L. (2012). Does gender influence physical activity and psychosocial factors in older adult exercisers? A pilot study. Women in Sports and Physical Activity Journal, 21, 61-70.
  • Logan, S.W., Robinson, L.E., & Getchell, N. (2011). The comparison of performances of preschool children on two motor assessments. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 113, 715 – 723.
  • Logan, S.W., Scrabis-Fletcher, K., Modlesky, C., & Getchell, N. (2011). Preschool children with high body mass rank lower in motor proficiency. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 82 (3), 442 – 448.
  • Jin, X., Uygur, M., Getchell, N., Hall, S.J., & Jaric, S. (2011). The effects of instruction and hand dominance on Grip-to-Load force coordination in manipulation tasks. Neuroscience Letters, 504, 330 – 335.
  • Pope, M, Lui, T., & Getchell, N. (2011) Object control skills in Hispanic preschool children enrolled in Head Start. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 112, 1-8
  • Logan, S. W. and Getchell, N. (2010). The relationship between motor proficiency and body composition in children with and without dyslexia. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 81, 4, 1 – 6.
  • Lynch, A. and Getchell, N. (2010). Using an ecological approach to understand perception, cognition, and action coupling in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. International Public Health Journal, 2 (1), 7 - 16.
  • Clizbe, D. and Getchell, N. (2010). The development of period correction processes in single and dual motor task performance: Adaptation to tempo changes. Motor Control, 14, 59 - 67.
  • Getchell, N., Mackenzie, S &, Marmon, A. (2010). Multilimb coordination in children with and without dyslexia: Effects of task and training. Adaptive Physical Activity Quarterly, 27, 32 - 46.

Honors & Awards

  • 2012 Excellence in Teaching Award, College of Health Sciences
  • 2009 Fellow, Research Consortium, AAHPERD
  • Lolas E. Halverson Memorial Young Investigator Award, National Association for Sport and Physical Education

Professional Membership

  • North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA)
  • American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD)
  • National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Motor Development Academy (NASPE)
  • Motor Development Research Consortium (MDRC)
  • International Society of Motor Control (ISMC)


  • KAAP 301: Motor Development
  • KAAP 400: Research Methods (Honors/non-Honors)
  • KAAP 428: Motor Control and Learning
  • KAAP 463: Practicum in Exercise Science
  • KAAP 484: Women in Sports
  • KAAP 485: Research in Exercise Science
  • KAAP 657: Seminar in Motor Behavior
  • KAAP 607: Motor Learning and Control

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