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Dan Flynn

Daniel C. Flynn, PhD

Unidel Professor & Associate Dean of Research
Dean's Office
Medical Laboratory Sciences
343-A McDowell Hall





Research Interests

My lab studies signal transduction and how changes in cellular signals can affect the initiation and progression of breast cancer. Our focus is on cell biology and how kinases regulate cytoskeletal integrity. We discovered a protein called AFAP1, which is the prototype member of the AFAP family of proteins, as well as the related AFAP1L1 and our focus is upon understanding their molecular and cellular function, as well as their physiological role in normal development and health. Our research in this area was funded by an R01 grant for 20 years in which we demonstrated the molecular, cellular and physiological function of AFAP1, as well as its potential role in breast and prostate cancer.

I also collaborate with cancer research scientists at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, working with a team of scientists that are trying to understand the role of stem cells in the progression of triple negative breast cancer. The team’s focus is upon the hedgehog signaling pathway and how it may affect response to therapy and recurrence.

Lastly, I am interested in education research and how novel research programs geared towards undergraduates can promote entrepreneurship and foster diversity in our academic programs.

Flynn CV

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