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David A. Barlow

David A. Barlow

Associate Professor
Behavioral Health & Nutrition
Director, CAS Medical Scholars Program
Director, Center for Premedical & Health Profession Studies
401 Academy Street




Research Interests

  • Biomechanical Systems Analyzation
  • Equine Biomechanics
  • Dynamics of Functional Human Anatomy


  • Ph.D., Indiana University, 1973
  • M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1973
  • B.S., University of Connecticut, 1964

Professional Experience

  • 1999-present, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
  • 1997-1999, Associate Professor/Chair, Department of Health and Exercise Sciences, University of Delaware
  • 1990-1997, Associate Professor/Director, Physical Education Programs, University of Delaware
  • 1989-1990, Associate Professor/Acting Director, Physical Education Programs, University of Delaware
  • 1988-1989, Co-Director, Sports Science Center (HPL)/Biomechanics Laboratory, University of Delaware
  • 1980-1988, Director/Research Coordinator, Human Performance Division, Association for the Advancement of Sports Potential, Pennsylvania
  • 1975-present, Biomechanical Systems Analyst, Technical Advisory Service for Attorney’s (TASA)
  • 1978-1989, Research Consultant in Biomechanics, Scientific Services/Research Projects (Bobsled, Luge, 10M Ski Jumping, X-country Skiing, Figure Skating, etc.)
  • 1977-1988, Associate Professor/Director, Biomechanics Laboratory and Co-Director, Human Performance Laboratory (CSB), University of Delaware
  • 1976-present, Research Consultant in Biomechanics, Equine Division, Equine Biomechanics, Inc. (EqB), Pennsylvania
  • 1975-1983, Co-Director/Director, Office of Computer Based Instruction Project (PLATO) in Physical Education, University of Delaware
  • 1973-1977, Assistant Professor/Director, Biomechanics Laboratory (CSB), University of Delaware
  • 1971-1973, Lecturer in Biomechanics, Graduate Division, School of HPER, Indiana University
  • 1970-1973, Teaching Associate/Laboratory Assistant, Biomechanics Laboratory, Graduate Division, School of HPER, Indiana University
  • 1968-1970, U.S. Office of Education Research Fellow/Graduate Assistant, Biomechanics Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 1964-1993, Capt., USNR-R, Commissioned Naval Officer (Active/Reserve)

Honors and Awards

  • PEAR/HESC 120, Lifetime Activities/Racquet Sports
  • HESC 220, Anatomy & Physiology
  • HESC 350, Basic Concepts in Kinesiology
  • HESC 366/666, Independent Study in Biomechanics/Human Anatomy
  • HESC 420, Functional Human Anatomy
  • HESC 426, Biomechanics of Sport
  • HESC 601, Research Methods
  • HESC 612, Mechanics of Sport Skill Techniques
  • HESC 810, Biomechanics of Sport: a research approach
  • HESC 840, Dynamics of Human Anatomy

Recent Publications

  • Barlow, D. (1997). “Interactive Approaches to the Study of Human Anatomy Dynamics”. Proceedings of the 4 th National Symposium on Teaching Biomechanics, J. Wilkerson (ed.), Texas Women’s University
  • Barlow, D., R. Neeves, K. Handling, and K. Troutman (1993). Dynamics of Human Anatomy, Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger
  • Barlow, D. and K. Troutman (1990). “Dynamics of Human Anatomy Beta-testing”. The Videodisc Monitor, Vol. VIII/Number 9
  • Barlow, D.A., J. Lloyd, P. Hellhake and J. Seder (1984). “Equine Muscle Fiber Types: A Histological and Histochemical Analysis of Select Thoroughbred Yearlings”, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 4:60-66
  • Buckalew, D., D.A. Barlow, J. Fischer and J. Richards (1985). “Biomechanical Alterations in Gait for Elite Women Marathoners”, International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, R. Nelson (ed.), Fall
  • Palmar, S. and D. A. Barlow (1986). “Kinematic Analysis of Carpal Motion in the Equine Knee”, Second International Symposium on Equine Sports Medicine,
  • Young, K., D.A. Barlow, and R. Neeves (1986). “Biomechanical Analysis of the Luge Start”, Proceeds of the Sport Biomechanics Section of the Annual American Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference

Recent Honors, Awards, and Major Professional Offices Held

  • President, Delaware Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, (1997)
  • Vice President/Executive Committee, Delaware Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, (1994-1999)
  • President, Kinesiology Academy, National Association of Sport and Physical Education, AAHPERD, (1985)
  • Recipient, Ruth Glassow Award for Contributions in Biomechanics, Biomechanics Academy, National Association of Sport and Physical Education, Philadelphia AAHPERD Convention, (2003)
  • Member, Editorial Review Board, The Physical Educator, Journal of Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, (I977-l980)
  • Member, Editorial Review Board, Applied Research Section, Practitioner Column, Journal of Physical Education and Recreation, AAHPERD, (979-1982)
  • Invited Editorial Reviewer in Biomechanics, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), (l978 – present)
  • Invited Editorial Reviewer in Biomechanics, International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, (l986 – 2000
  • Invited Editorial Reviewer in Biomechanics, Research Quarterly, l985 – 2000
  • Textbook Reviewer in Human Anatomy/Biomechanics: Lea & Febiger Publishing Company (1990-1993) Wm. C. Brown Publishing Company (1992- ) Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company (1992- ) Lippincott, Williams &
  • Wilkins Publishing Company (1997- ) McGraw Hill Publishing Company (2002- )
  • Gold Medal, International Film Festivals Award, Educational Media Award in the Biological Sciences, New York City (1993)
  • Biomechanical Systems Analyst, Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys (1975- )


  • KAAP220 Anatomy & Physiology
  • KAAP420 Functional Human Anatomy
  • KAAP840 Advanced Human Anatomy
  • ARSC480 Issues in Healthcare for Children & Families
  • ARSC482 Issues in Public Health-Economics

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