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Cumulative Examination in

Analytical Chemistry

September, 2013

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Here you can find the announcement of the cumulative examination in analytical chemistry to be given at 9AM on 7 September 2013.

The topic of the cumulative examination in Analytical Chemistry for September , 2013 is: "Analysis of Water Samples." Prof. Brown is the primary examiner for the exam.
No paper(s) to read, but you should prepare by considering the issues mentioned below.

This exam will cover the analysis of inorganic species and organic compounds in a water sample, at the level of Skoog's Instrumental Analysis text.

Specific things to read about and to think about in advance of the exam are:

1. methods for analysis of metals, nonmetals and organics in water (advantages/disadvantages/capabilities, etc.)

2. sampling methods for environmental analysis

3. sample clean-up methods, including solvent extraction, precipitation and chromatography (getting the analyte free of the sample matrix in trace analysis)


Prof. Booksh is the secondary examiner.

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