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Sharon Rozovsky, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
136 Brown Laboratory
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Phone 302-831-7028 (office)
302-831-3316 (lab)
Fax 302-831-6335
E/mail: rozovsky[@]udel.edu

Postdocoral Researchers

Xingyu Lu

Graduate Students

Matt Fritz


Fei Li

Jun Liu

Jun is the recipient of the University of Delaware Graduate Fellows Award as well as the Brannie E. Hackley Award for Excellence in Research

Zhengqi "Frank" Zhang

Master students 

Mahshid Pour Saeid Esfahani


Yuefan Li

Undergraduate Students

Jasmin Philip

Jay Subramoney

Dominic Santoleri

Research Assistant

Bev Hallahan


Group photos 2013

Stephanie's graduation party

Ilan joins the Rozovsky-Forstner gang

A tour to Winterthur. From the right: Stephanie, Jun, Gulcin, Frank, Vidy, Sharon and Nathan

Yan's going away party. From the left: Yan, Vidy, Jun, Stephanie, Matt, Gulcin, Frank and Yuefan.

Yan's going away party.  Lea, Mahshid and Sharon joined. From the left: Mahshid, Jun,Stephanie, Lea,Sharon, Gulcin, Frank, Yuefan and Vidy.

Group photos 2012

Stephanie Schaefer getting an award for the best poster in the local ACS poster session 
"77Se Enrichment of Proteins Expands the Biological NMR" Toolbox, Advisors Colin Thorpe and Sharon Rozovsky

Fei and Jun presenting at the National ACS meeting 2012


Group photos 2011 

Yuliya, Sharon, Jun and Fei during a N2 fill

Fei, Stephanie (who collaborates with us on selenium incorporation into flavin proteins), Renee (now in dental school), Jun, Elyssa, Liedeke and Yuliya

Standing: Jun, Yuliya, Liedeke, Elyssa and Fei

Sitting: Renee, Sharon and Stephanie

Standing: Stephanie, Yuliya, Renee, Jun, Fei, Elyssa and Liedeke

Sitting (while eating puffs): Nathan

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry