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Instrumentation of the mass spectrometry facility.

  • Waters QTof is a hybrid  (Quad- TOF) MS MS instrument equipped with an electrospray ionization (ESI) source. Sample introduction can be by direct infusion or a liquid chromatograph interface.
  • Bruker 7 Tesla FT-MS has a direct infusion ESI source and can give full scan accurate mass measurements to less than 2 ppm. Various configurations are possible for MS-MS and ion-molecule reactions.


Coming soon:

  • Shimadzu LCMS 2020 (liquid chromatograph coupled with a single quadrupole mass spectrometer)
  • Thermo LCQ Deca (liquiud chromatograph coupled with and ion trap mass spectrometer)

The following mass spectrometers are used as Open Access instruments by research students in chemistry and biochemistry and other departments in the UD community.
  • Bruker Omniflex is a switchable linear/reflectron mode MALDI- Tof instrument
  • Thermo LCQ is an LC-MS system using and ion trap mass analyzer.
  • Agilent 5973 GC-MS has an EI ion source
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