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What should I give to Judy in order to submit a proposal?
  • Solicitation or Application Package
  • Abstract or Statement of Work
  • Budget and Budget Justification
  • Start and End Dates
  • Title of your project


When do I use Cayuse?
  • When it is a grants.gov submission
  • If it is NIH
  • If it is NSF and the solicitation allows using grants.gov


Who does the Cayuse input?
  • Judy will initialize the Cayuse input after you give her the proposal documents in FAQ No. 1.
  • Judy will complete all of the Cayuse online forms and upload any documents that are not related to your science narrative. 
  • The PI will work on the science portions and upload those documents when completed.


If I have a subcontract in my proposal, what items do I need from the subcontractor to submit along with the proposal?
  • Letter of Intent signed by both the subcontractor’s P.I. and their research office
  • Statement of Work
  • Budget and Budget Justification
  • Subcontractor’s Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
  • A completed UD form called the Provider Category Determination Worksheet


If I am submitting a proposal to receive a subcontract from another organization, what do I need to submit to the Research Office via Judy?
  • Letter of Intent  signed by both the P.I. and our Research Office
  • Abstract
  • Budget and Budget Justification


Who is our contact person in the Research Office and her contact information?

Katie Nelson Brown
Contract and Grant Administrator
Research Office
210 Hullihen Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 831-6925
Fax: 831-2828
Email: brownkt@udel.edu


Who at the University signs as the “Authorized Representative” on your research proposal?

It is based on your FIRST YEAR proposed budget total as follows:

Authorized Representative  

Proposed First Year Total  

Katie Nelson Brown, Contract and Grant Administrator 

Up to $250,000 

Trudy M. Riley, Manager Sponsored Programs Administration 

Up to $500,000 

Cordell M. Overby, Associate Provost for Research

Up to $1,000,000 


Over $1,000,000 


Over $2,000,000


What are the Important Numbers and Information that I need for a proposal application?
  • DUNS Number:  059007500
  • UD EIN Number: 51-6000297
  • NIH Entity Number:  1516000297A1
  • Human Subjects Assurance Number:  FWA00004379
  • Congressional District:  DE-001
  • Indirect Cost Agreement Date:  07/01/07
  • Cognizant Federal Agency:  Office of Naval Research
  • ONR Contact Person:  Linda Shipp, (703) 696-8559


What are the timelines for submitting a proposal?
  • Solicitation to Judy as soon as you decide to apply.
  • Items in FAQ No. 1 to Judy as soon as available – at minimum, one week before due date.
  • Approved web form  and Cayuse to the Research Office 72 hours before due date.


If your questions were not answered, contact:

Judy Dellose
Administrative Coordinator
104 Brown Lab
(302) 831-8996