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After I apply, will I receive a confirmation that my supplemental material has been received?
Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm with every student every time a piece of their application is received. You may check your status page and view which items have been received and which items the Grad Office is still waiting on.
Are GRE subject tests required?
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry does not require subject tests.
Does the Department of Chemistry have a restriction on the minimum number of Chemistry modules taken during undergraduate years for PhD application?
We do have students with biology, physics, engineering background but we need to make sure that they succeed in our coursework. If they do not have undergraduate classes in chemistry, they have much smaller chance of being admitted. Nevertheless, if there is any other evidence of this proficiency, we will also consider it.
How many copies of my transcripts are required?

Initial application reviews can take place using scanned copies of unofficial transcripts. You can either request your own transcript, scan it and upload it to your application or visit the Registrar's page of your home institution to print an unofficial copy for your use. All scanned documents are unofficial, but can be used for a graduate program's application review process.

For additional instructions go to the Graduate and Professional Education website. Click on Transcripts.

How many students will be admitted each fall? How many from my country?
The number of slots varies each year. This is dependent on funding and students who have graduated. The average is 25. All applicants are reviewed with equal merit, regardless of the country of application.
I need financial assistance.
All full time Ph.D. students who are cleared to TA receive a generous stipend and tuition waiver. (see Dept. Statistics for current stipend)
I only want to attend Part Time.
No financial support is available and most of the part-time graduate students are supported by their employers. Only evening classes would not be possible at our department. However, if you can attend the seminar series that start at 4 pm (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, depending on the major), there are some possibilities for taking graduate-level classes in the evening to fulfill all the requirements over a longer period of time than that for the full-time studies.
I want to transfer in from another program.
If you are interested in transferring to our program you can start the application process via the internet at The admission process is very competitive and the transfer students are considered with the same standards as the first-time admission applicants. In the case of transfer students, we also require a clear explanation of the reasons to transfer and we always talk to the original institution where the applicant was admitted.
I would like to apply for spring semester. Will you be accepting applications for spring?

We do have spring admission but it is only done in exceptional cases as all the coursework is designed to start in the fall semester. Spring admissions are extremely rare and the only students admitted in the spring semester (which is one every few years) are the ones who transfer with a new faculty or the ones who have a very specific interest from a current research group. Thus, it is much more common to apply for the fall semester.

My GRE scores will be late. Will this affect my chances of being admitted?
Scores received within a reasonable time after February 1st will NOT negatively affect your application.
My Recommender will not complete the online form. What should I do?

The University of Delaware's graduate programs have moved toward exclusive use of electronic recommendation submissions. Exceptions can only be authorized by a direct communication from the Department. We cannot accept any third-party recommendation service or any individual letters already in the applicant's possession.

For exceptions, recommenders should contact Susan Cheadle by email.

What is the application deadline date for fall?
The official application deadline is February 1st. Applications will continue to be reviewed probably through April 15th. Once our class is full though we will not be able make any more offers of admission.
What is the Department and University code for ETS?
All application material needs to be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. The ETS University of Delaware institution code is 5811. The Department code is not necessary.
What is the application fee?
75 U.S. Dollars
What is the minimum GRE score I must have to be admitted?
There is no official minimum score for the GRE. Your entire application will be carefully reviewed before a decision is reached by the committee in charge of admissions, including the GRE scores.
What is the minimum TOEFL score I must have to be admitted?
The Department would like to see a minimum score of 260 (CBT), 600 (paper) and 100 (IBT). However, achieving those marks will not guarantee of an offer of admission. Also, not achieving those marks will not guarantee a non-offer. Your entire application will be carefully reviewed before a decision is reached by the committee in charge of admissions.
When will I know if I am admitted?
The Director of Graduate Studies will first contact you by email informing you that the committee will recommend you for admission. Official offers will be mailed from the Office of Graduate Studies.
    Non-domestic student offers will be mailed from the Office of Foreign Students and Scholars.
Where do I mail my supplemental application documents?

No supplemental documents are to be mailed. The application process is completely automated. All unofficial documents will be used for review purposes.

I didn't get my questions answered here. Who do I ask?
If you are a prospective Ph.D. student, contact Susan, or by telephone @ 302-831-2462. You can also set up a campus visit.

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