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  • Where is it? Contrary to popular opinion, Newark Delaware is not in New Jersey, nor is the state a county in Pennsylvania (although there is a Delaware county there). To travelers in the northeast, we are perhaps best known for our toll booth on I95, which systematically extracts money from hapless travelers.

  • What is it? See The Web's Front Door to Delaware which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Delaware and much you didn't. This eclectic guide will lead you to weather information, restaurants, hospitals, job opportunities, satanic rituals, and much much more. What it does not tell you is that Delaware is a hub of chemical research, with more PhDs per capita than any other state. Also, it is a very nice place to live, and has no sales tax

  • You might want to try the City of Newark home page, especially if you are moving here or live here already. This page gives access to much utilitarian information.

  • Need a tan? Go to the beach on the Delmarva peninsula.

  • Also, the Deer Park Tavern is an institution and favorite watering hole for faculty, staff, students and citizens since 1848 (or 1750, depending on how you count -- see history). Rumor has it that Edgar Allen Poe stopped here, leaving his raven behind; in any case, there is a stuffed raven near the front door.

  • And, of course, The University of Delaware (founded 1743 or 1834, depending on how you count -- see history).



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