Program Overview

Our objective is to train new chemists and biologists who can discuss biological and biomedical problems in a common language that transcends molecular scales, from the atomistic to the cellular level, providing exposure and training in techniques to design, manipulate or build molecules, polymers/biopolymers, biochemical or cellular systems while maintaining a solid

foundation in their area of doctoral study.

The Delaware Chemistry Biology Interface Program is part of the CBI training grant program funded by the National Institutes of General Medicine.  The program provides additional opportunities for doctoral students to gain exposure to scientific concepts, methods from both chemical and biological sciences. 

Lab Rotations:  Prior to choosing a doctoral research advisor CBI students are given the opportunity to conduct research rotations in different departments and scientific areas.  For students in the departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry or Biological Sciences, rotations start during Fall semester and last through winter session.  For students in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, rotations start during winter session and last through spring semester.  Students may choose to work for any of the CBI faculty trainers while pursuing doctoral degrees in their home departments.

Meetings/seminars: The heart of the CBI program centers around the weekly meetings/seminars which provide opportunities for students to present and critically evaluate research from multiple disciplines.  Students also get to interact with invited speakers from around the country, learn about cutting edge research from faculty and fellow students.  These experiences are supplemented by career workshops, travel opportunities and symposia involving regional CBI programs. 

Curricula: In consultation with the program director and the steering committee, custom curricula are created for each CBI student to meet their research interests, degree requirements and the objectives of the CBI program.  Through courses and/or rotations students learn to discuss biomolecular science from atoms-to-cells and beyond. 

Program Administration:  The Program is coordinated by and Executive Committee composed of John T. Koh (Program Director, Organic Chemistry), Brian Bahnson, Program Director starting 7/14), Abraham M. Lenhoff (Associate Director, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering), Melinda K. Duncan (Associate Director, Biological Sciences).  CBI Steering Committee members include: Pamela J. Green (Plant and Soil Sciences), Colin Thorpe (Biochemistry), Millicent O. Sullivan (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering), Joseph M. Fox (Organic Chemistry), Patricia A. DeLeon (Biological Sciences), and Sharon Rozovsky (Biochemistry).

“CBI provided such a network of people with whom to discuss science – I felt far more comfortable bouncing ideas off other students (and faculty) in different groups that were part of CBI because I got to know them ...”

                    --Jennifer Palenchar, Assistant Professor, Villanova University