CBI Faculty

Antoniewicz, Maciek, R., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Metabolic Flux Analysis; Systems Biology; Computational Tools for Quantifying Cellular Physiology

Bahnson, Brian J., PhD - Program Director - (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Intermediates of Enzyme Reactions, Interfacial Membrane Proteins and Enzyme Motions in Catalysis Viewed by X-ray Crystallography

Booksh, Karl S., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
in-situ chemical sensors for environmental, biomedical, and industrial process monitoring

Boyd, E. Fidelma, PhD (Biological Sciences)
Mechanisms of emergence of enteric pathogens

Chen, Wilfred, PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Development of Biomolecular tools in addressing key global problems in viral infection, disease pathogenesis, biofuel production, and separation of protein pharmaceutics

Colby, David W., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Cell and protein engineering and protein misfolding diseases

DeLeon, Patricia A., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Reproductive Genetics, Genomics, Sperm Proteomics, Male Infertility, Spermatogenesis, Molecular Aspects of Fertilization

Duncan, Melinda K., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Molecular Mechanisms of Vertebrate Eye Development

Fox, Joseph M., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Synthetic Methodology and Organometallic Chemistry

Furst, Eric M., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Cytoskeletal Structure — Function, Motor Protein Biophysics, Tissue Engineering

Green, Pamela J., PhD (Plant & Soil Sciences)
mRNA Stability; Ribonucleases; Functional Genomics of Noncoding and Peptide Coding RNAs

Grimes, Catherine L., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Bacterial Activation of the Innate Immune System

Hanson, Thomas E., PhD (Marine Biology & Biochemistry)
Microbial Biochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Genomics and Proteomics

Jia, Xinqiao, PhD (Materials Science & Engineering)
Novel Biomimetic Materials; Functional Biointerfaces; Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery

Johnston, Murray V., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Biological & Environmental Mass Spectrometry

Kiick, Kristi L., PhD (Materials Science & Engineering)
Polymeric Materials for Cellular and Molecular Recognition

Kloxin, April M., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Dynamic Biomaterials

Koh, John T., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology of Nuclear and Steroid Hormone Receptors; Light-Activated Transcription

Lachke, Salil A., PhD (Biological Sciences)

RNA interactions in organ development

Lee, Jung-Youn, PhD (Plant & Soil Science)
Mechanisms and Components of Cell-Cell Communication

Lee, Kelvin H., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Gene Expression Profiling to identify Rate-limiting Steps in Protein Secretion Pathways

Lenhoff, Abraham M., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Separation Processes; Protein Molecular Biophysics, Protein Thermodynamics

Lyman, Edward R., PhD (Physics)

Computational Biological Physics

Naik, Ulhas P., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules

Papoutsakis, Eleftherios, PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Metabolic Flux Analysis; Metabolic Engineering and Genomics; Stem-Cell Engineering

Polenova, Tatyana, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Biophysics and Structural Biology of Protein Interfaces; Protein Assemblies, and Metallo-proteins; Biomolecular Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Roberts, Christopher J., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Protein Aggregation; Prediction of Protein Degradation and Shelf Life; Protein Preservation

Rosenthal, Joel, PhD, (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Biosensing; Electrochemistry; Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence

Rozovsky, Sharon, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Function of Membrane Proteins; Lipid-Protein Interactions; Membrane Biophysics

Selva, Erica M., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Genetic and Molecular Control of Signal Transduction during Drosophila Development

Song, Jia L., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Regulatory roles of microRNAs in early development

Sullivan, Millicent O., PhD (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Design of Polymeric Materials for Improved Drug and Gene Transport; Engineering of Cell-Biomaterial Interactions

Thorpe, Colin, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Enzymology of Protein Disulfide Bond Formation

van Golen, Kenneth, PhD (Biological Sciences)
Role of Rho GTPases in Cancer Models

Watson, Donald A., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Organic synthesis and transition metal catalysts.

Watson, Mary P., PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Catalytic Methods for Stereoselective Synthesis

Wommack, Eric, PhD (Plant & Soil Sciences)
Environmental microbiology of viruses; The ecology of viruses in soil and marine environments

Woulfe, Donna S., PhD (Biological Sciences)
Signaling mechanisms of platelet activation and platelet’s contribution to thrombosis in vivo

Zhuang, Zhihao, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Chemical Biology. Molecular Mechanism of Protein Machineries in DNA Damage Repair and Tolerance Pathways, particularly the Regulation of these pathways by Post-Translational Protein Modification by Ubiquitination and Sumoylation

Zondlo, Neal J., (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Functional Molecular Recognition by Designed Architectures

CBI students can pursue doctoral degrees in the Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering or Biological Sciences while conducting research with any of the forty CBI faculty labs from across campus.