Program Goal

The Chemistry-Biology Interface Predoctoral Training Program provides an interdisciplinary education to graduate students that will enable them to apply atomistic and mechanistic approaches of chemistry to important biological and biomedically-related problems.

Program Features

  1. Sponsored lab rotations

  2. Interact with students and faculty from across campus

  3. Weekly seminar program featuring interdisciplinary research

  4. Annual symposium with neighboring CBI programs

Be a part of a multi-disciplinary research community while pursuing the doctorate in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences or Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. 

CBI Faculty

Program Description


Chemistry-Biology Interface:

A multi-disciplinary graduate program at the interface between chemistry and biology.


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Seminars and Symposia

CBI Program

CBI Students

“CBI is a great program that I would strongly encourage any new grad students to consider.  The program is diverse with participating faculty spanning all scientific fields.”

--Irene Miksa, Johnson & Johnson

(CBI program graduate)