Photo Brian Bahnson
Brian Bahnson 312 Drake Hall 831-0786

 Structural Enzymology

Photo Junghuei Chen
Junghuei Chen  105A Drake Hall
Photo Sharon Rozovsky

Sharon Rozovsky
136 Brown Lab

Photo Colin Thorpe
Colin Thorpe  204B Drake Hall



Enzymology of Flavoenzymes

Photo Hal White
Hal White 123 Brown Lab 831-2908


Photo Zhihao Zhuang

Zhihao Zhuang
214 Drake Hall

Chemical Biology/Enzymology of Translesion Synthesis and Ubiquitylation

Recently Retired Faculty

Photo Roberta Colman
Roberta Colman 
121 Brown Lab 831-2973

Structure Image
Enzymology of Glutathione S-Transferases and of Nucleotide Binding Proteins including Isocitrate Dehydrogenases and Adenylosuccinate Lyase

Photo Mahendra Jain
Mahendra Kumar Jain 
229 Brown Lab 831-2968

Interfacial Catalysis



Department News

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Blue Hens Hit Awards Century Mark at 2012 ISCC Details

Donald Watson Group Research Advance Iinspired by UD Nobel Prize Winner Richard Heck Details

Hilary Kerchner Wins ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Details

Professor Karl Booksh Appointed Chair of ACS CWD and To The NSF Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering Details

Professor Sharon Rozovsky Receives EPSCoR Seed Grant Details

Mary Watson Receives NSF Early Career Development Award Details

Andrew Teplyakov To Receive ACS Delaware Section Award Details

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